Concert Prep 101: Paraphernalia

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I love glow sticks.  The stick kind, not the flimsy bendy things that can be made into bracelets and stuff.  I love waving it around like a crazy person, pretending it's a light saber.  LOL.

And apparently, glow sticks are a MUST at a KPOP concert.  I didn't have any one me during the 2ne1 show.  But then again, that wasn't glow stick season.  It's good timing that the BIGBANG concert falls during the Halloween season when glowsticks are all over the place.

Are these enough?

It's crazy that Walmart has these glowsticks for less than 99cents.  I got two of each pack, one pack per night.  The glow heart is for the Love Song project.  The star... eh, I just thought they're cute and they catch the eye.  The lone blue survival light stick over there is for both nights.  Blue is the color for Project Blue as well as TOP's color.  The pink one is just so cute.  I'm thinking of giving out those mini sticks that comes in that pack.  Idk, maybe.  But I think people will definitely stock up on glowsticks anyway.

I then got some "extras" from the 99cents store.  I snatched up the last star that they had just because.  =D  These things look like gigantic Christmas lights.  I'm thinking that Fantastic Baby will look like a sea of Christmas lights haha.  99cents also had 8" sticks but they're thinner than the 6" ones.  Almost like those necklace, bracelet thingys.  I thought of getting an LED bracelet so I don't have to worry about it but I decided not to.  It'll clash with what I'll be wearing.

I know it looks like a LOT.  And yes, it is.  But remember, this will be split into 2 nights.  And some, I'm going to give away.  I doubt I'll use all of them up anyway.  Save it for the next concert, maybe.  At least, I'll be prepared haha.

I thought of making banners and bias signs.  But I couldn't find the time or the extra money for the materials.  I know some VIPs are going to make extras for other people so I think I'll be good.  Like I said, I want a PANDA.

Aaaand there's my ticket!

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