"Steal of a deal" *

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I don't know what it is about this whole concert weekend.  It turned me into a shopping maniac!  I went from finding shopping so frustrating to actually enjoying it.  You'll see in when I blog about what I'll be wearing during the concerts that I bought new stuff just for the concert.

Today was no different.  I was at Ross after work because I thought I needed a new jacket to bring to the show.  Something light, none too flashy.  I couldn't choose anything so I decided to just browse.  I ended up at the shoe section and bought not one but two pairs of boots.  I thought I already decided on which pair of boots to wear for each night but I saw this perfect... perfect... pair.  I'll talk about that later, and about the rest of my haulage, but this one is just too good to pass up:

Madden Girl by Steve Madden, G-Victra

Your eyes are not deceiving you.  That pair of booties is $4.49.  I couldn't believe it either.  I don't normally wear booties with 4" heels but what the heck, they were my size and they were less than five dollars.  The girl who rang me up said that there was a lady earlier that day who got boots for $5.95.  WTF, Ross?!  How can you even beat that?  I love it!

I stared at it for a long time.  Nothing was wrong with it.  It was in very good - if not, brand new - condition.  It's comfortable and it looks cute.  I might not wear it to work because I do walk around a lot but it's great for going out.  The other pair I got is also Madden Girl but that's going to be included in a Concert Prep post.

I'm thinking of checking back next week.  These Ross clearance deals are amazing!

* Blog title is from a hilarious eBay listing I happened to see some months ago.