Before BIGBANG...

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Ken... there was F4.

My original Asian musical obsession.  This takes me back during my 2nd year in high school.  EVERYONE and their mother's mother was talking about this Taiwanese boyband and the show that made them famous, Meteor Garden.  You might know that show as Hana Yori Dango in Japan or Boys Over Flowers in South Korea.  Different casts but pretty much the same story.  BIGBANG even did a parody of BOF.  =D

As much as I loved the show, I fell harder in love with these boys.  Jerry, Vic, Ken, and Vanness Wu.  And their music.  Granted they don't write a lot of their stuff (some of them do but as a group, they never really wrote music) I still liked them.  In fact, there was a time when I knew all the words to all the songs in their first two albums.  ALL.  THE.  WORDS.  In Mandarin Chinese.  Not sound alikes.  The exact words.

I think I can say that this is where it all began.  I realized that I have a very easy grasp of languages.  At least, singing in non-English, non-Tagalog songs.  I fully understood that one does not need to understand the words to a song to love them.  Case in point, Season of Fireworks, that video I posted above, is one of my favorite songs of all time.  

Now that the BIGBANG concert is just a day away, it is perfect timing for Spotify to let me hear these songs again.  Bringing me back to my roots, sorta lol.  I remember I went to all (except one of Jerry's) of F4's public appearance/concerts in the Philippines, braving the weather and the crowds just to see them up close.  And now, this.