Concert Prep 101: Accessories

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First of all, HAPPY HALLOWEEN from me and my cat ears!


I wore them all day today, from my house to work and back.  ^^,

Through this whole BIGBANG concert preparation process, I found myself breaking some of my rules.  Of course, not all is directly related to the concert itself but just a part of the hauling and shopping that I've been doing because of it.  More on that in another post but one of the "rules" that I've broken has something to do with the color pink.

As you know, pink is not my favorite.  I'm not a girlie-girly although I do have my moments.  But I was never into pinks.  I have pink shirts, pink accents on shoes, a LOT of pink nail polishes and lipsticks, etc.  It's a safe color for me.  So in a moment of impulse buying, I went on a shopping spree for accessories.  And what do you know, MOST of them are pink!

And notice all the ribbons?  I don't know what it is but I have a growing obsession with bows and ribbons.  I think they're so cute and quite retro.  The studded ribbon bracelet, ribbon ring, star ring, and those rockin' spike earrings are from Charlotte Russe.  The heart bangles are from Forever 21.  The rope charmed bracelets are from Cotton On.  And the headbands are from a random boutique.

I'm definitely going to wear the earrings on both nights.  And then probably the ribbon ring and bracelet also on one night.  I'm debating how to mix and match them.  I'll know it on the day, as always.  For the headbands... TOP took from the audience and wore a Mickey ears headband in the Manila show.  I didn't get this for that; I just thought it's cute and it could attract attention.  Idk, I may skip the headbands because I do have something more special...

... why so serious?

Yep!  G-Dragon wore these awesome skeleton hair clips in his Crayon video.  I got them from eBay and they're lovely.  I'll try to make them work but if not, I might just go with a high ponytail.  Or one of those headbands lol.  Idk, man.

I also have a special little something that is TOP-related: Bearbricks!  No, not the $600 ones.  I got these mini ones and I'll find a way to attach it to my phone.

I can definitely see the appeal.  I kind of want to complete the Star Wars series.  Let's see, let's see.  =D

Accessories aren't a huge part of going to a concert.  But I'm not doing this just so the boys can see me.  It's the overall effect, you know.  It's about looking good, looking the part.  It's all personal.  Plus, it's a KPOP concert... you're supposed to look colorful and wild!

Last part: concert attire.