9 Years

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I want to take a break from all this concert fun for a moment of silence and remembrance.

Nine years ago, I lost my Dad.  He died suddenly from a heart attack.  That one moment changed my life forever.  I didn't know what to do next, where to go, and what to feel.  What I did know was I had to be strong - stronger - for my mom and younger brother.

I never stopped or will ever stop missing him.  Sometimes, I can still feel him around.  He bonded over Resident Evil and Silent Hill video gaming.  He tried to help me with my Maths.  I can still remember his wonderful singing voice.  He encouraged my love and interest of live performances and went with me to every concert.  He made sure I had every opportunity to hone my talents and share it with the world.

Wherever he is right now, I hope he is proud of the person that I've become.  I'm definitely stronger now.  I've been through so many things, emotional hardships, and I never faltered.  I'm keeping my dreams in my head and heart and I believe that I'll eventually reach all of them.  I've crossed out so many things on my list, some of them are dreams that we made together.  And I'm pretty sure he'll be my number one enabler in this BIGBANG thing... LOL.  He was a great fan of talent, whatever form, language, media it comes in and I'm sure he will appreciate the things I became interested in after his passing.

It's been nine years, Daddy.  I love you.  I hope you're watching.  I hope you're proud of me and Jerico.  We're taking care of Mommy as best as we can.  Life hasn't always been easy or happy but we're together; we are pulling through.  

Until we meet again.  I love you, Daddy!