15 Things I Want to See in "The Avengers 2"

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  1. Captain Rogers - anyone - please say "Avengers, assemble!"
  2. Show that Steve can also lift Thor's hammer.
  3. More Hawkeye. Period.
  4. More Bruce Banner. Not The Hulk, Bruce.
  5. Steve and Tony talking about Howard Stark. It expected to see that in the first movie but no dice.
  6. Black Panther.
  7. I wonder what Thor thought of the shawarma...
  8. The Avengers mansion.
  9. The Avengers training. Even just Natasha, Clint, and/or Tony.
  10. Skycycles.
  11. More superhero cameos or mentions.
  12. More Jarvis.
  13. Tony Stark's pop culture references. He had a couple in the first movie. See if you can spot them.
  14. Captain America - Black Widow - Hawkeye scenes.
  15. Loki. Loki anywhere. Loki anytime!