Desperate Fic Search!!!!

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I can't take it anymore.  I need to say something about this. 

I am desperately looking for a fanfic.  A Lord of the Rings fanfiction with an Aragorn/Legolas pairing; hurt/comfort, angst, and mpreg.  Yes, MPREG. 

Basically how it goes is that for some reason, Legolas becomes a slave working at some tavern.  Aragorn is already king, Elessar, and before Legolas became a slave, they were lovers.  Then Legolas gets kicked out of Aragorn's life or whatever and on to the streets but not before falling pregnant with Aragorn's son.  Either Haldir or one of Elrond's twins find Legolas in the rain, in labor, and the Mirkwood elf gives birth at an inn or something.  Years later, Legolas is working at a tavern, being abused by the owners and the patrons.  He keeps his son safe -- I CANNOT REMEMBER THE NAME OF THE SON!!! - so he takes the abuse. 

One day, the king - Aragorn, Elessar, whatever - happens to stop by the tavern.  The owner volunteers his "best elf" to serve the king.  Legolas tries to go away but Aragorn recognizes him.  I can't remember exactly why Aragorn/Legolas broke up but apparently, they still love each other.  Well, Aragorn still feels strongly for Legolas but since to the elf, he felt that he was thrown away like he was rubbish so Legolas turns Aragorn's affections away.  Aragorn chases after Legolas in the rain and then something happens and someone lets it slip that Legolas has a son and Aragorn automatically assumes that it's his son.

There.  Word vomit!  I'm not 100% sure of the other events in the story but this is the gist of it.  This is my favorite part of it.  Last I remember, it is a work in progress (WIP).  I had it saved in my computer from looooooooooooooong ago but I can't find it now no matter what keyword I enter.  Angsty, MPREG, hurt/comfort is not rare in the Aragorn/Legolas pairing so that makes it so tough.  And I like my Aragorn/Legolas fics brimming with angst.  They actually make me cry like a fool.

So... help?  ^^;