Review: Les Miserables (2012)

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I wept.  I'm not gonna lie.  I was weeping in that theater.

It doesn't matter what recording it is... if you don't cry during the deaths of Fantine and Valjean, you are made of stone.  Me, the tears start whenever I hear the melody of On My Own.  It gets repeated throughout the piece and by the time the movie ended, I was a blubbering mess.

I was most impressed during the first scene, Look Down.  It was nothing less than amazing.  It was epic, probably the most epic scene in the film.  The transformation of Hugh Jackman from that hottie we all know and love to that emaciated Valjean was astounding.  Anne Hathaway killed me with I Dreamed A Dream.  She gave it everything she had and it was beautiful.  I didn't know that was in her!  That little Cosette, Isabelle Allen, she's really pretty.  Her beauty is haunting and she did a good job.  But my heart was completely stolen by Eddie Redmayne and Aaron Tveit.  (Erm... they already did that waaaay before Les Mis, btw lol.) 

I was a bit uncomfortable with the extreme closeups that the director opted for during the solos.  It was a bit awkward to watch.  I mean, they are pretty to look at but yeah, I felt a bit awkward hahaha.  I didn't have as much of a problem with Russell Crowe as a lot of people did.  I thought he did okay and it wasn't a big deal.  I mean, there is a reason why he was chosen for the part, right?  The others were good enough to carry the movie.  I mean, Mrs. Lovett and Mr. Pirelli were fantastic.  So what if Crowe is not the best singer?  Deal with it.  I actually liked the Eponine even less than Crowe!Javert.  Unfortunately, Amanda Seyfried was kind of forgettable.  If not for Eddie Redmayne, I wouldn't notice her much. 

Now, I've sort of followed one rant from an artist/singer bitching about the casting choices.  I don't dwell upon reviews but this one person irritated me. You might know who I'm talking about; I used to be a big fan of him but now, outside his music, he rubs me the wrong way.  But yeah, he made such a huge deal about it.  It made him sound bitter and definitely uppity.  WTF, I just can't stand him outside his music.  Just go raid Big Bang's closets and shut up, he should.

Nevertheless, I loved the movie.  I hold movie musicals - musicals, in general - close to my heart.  Valjean's death destroyed me... and the dude sitting in front of me.  Yes, the scene made a guy cry.  And now, I will make you cry...