2013 Australian Open

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I haven't been talking about it a whole lot here but I am quite a tennis fan.  Actually, I'm a HUGE tennis fan.  I don't think I watch any other sport as closely (and willingly).  Up to the point of losing sleep because I'm watching live radio/video coverage, especially if my favorite player is on court.  Yes, I do play some. And of course, I have merch.

I can be pretty passionate about tennis.  I mean, when Roger Federer lost to Rafael Nadal in that epic 2008 Gentlemen's Final... I not only cried... but I also skipped class the next day.  I did not go to school because I felt so bad.  But read: Roger and Rafa are BOTH my favorite-est tennis players ever.  It breaks my heart to see them play against each other.  But my heart breaks a bit more whenever Roger loses.  I dislike Novak Djokovic but I think he's okay.  I don't particularly like watching his matches but alas, he's a top player and top players get priority in media coverage.  Apart from the retired Andy Roddick, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, and the Williams sisters, I am not a fan of American tennis.  I am a fan of the Spaniards in the ATP tour though.  Feliciano Lopez can suck so bad sometimes but I don't care.  XD

So now, the 2013 Australian Open starts.  I am currently listening to the Djokovic/Mathieu match over on AO Radio.  I do like the radio coverage; it leaves me space to work on other things while being updated on the action.  As if I don't already have so much on my plate... 한국어 lessons, joining a KPOP site, reading, writing some, Kenshin, and blogging... ah, can someone be more overwhelmed? 

It'll be two weeks of tennis starting today!  Ready?  Play!

PS: Happy birthday, Orlando Bloom!