Review: Etude House Mint Cooling Eye's Cream

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What can be cuter than this product's name?  Its packaging!

Please ignore the messy background.  This is me doing a McGyver-y product review.  ^^,

Notice the wordplay in the product name: Eye's Cream.  And then they just ran with it, packaging-wise.  The box has a window in front and when you open it up, you can peek in and there's your eye cream looking like, well.. an ice cream.  When I was debating which one to get (between this and another similarly priced product), the sales person said, "Ma'am, what about the Eye's Cream?"  O__O  Say what?  Ice cream?

The box looks like this:

Apologies.  I can't read Hangul very well nor understand it... yet.  So you're on your own on this.  ;-)

Anyway, basically this is an eye cream in a stick form.  I usually put it on before I apply my moisturizer during the day and before going to bed.  It has SPF 30 so that's extra sun protection for your eye area.  It leaves a cool sensation that is very relaxing.  The lady at the Etude House stall said that this particular one should be used at night because it makes the user sleepy.  I haven't experienced that so I use it in the mornings as well.

Oh haider, Himura Kenshin!  *oro*

The tube itself reminds me of the ELF All-Over Cover Stick.  As the name suggests, it's mint.  Even the font color is in TOP's former hair color.  However, it doesn't have an overly minty scent.  More like candied mint.  The color alone is very relaxing!

The concept is to smooth it around the eyes, as shown in the drawing and then patting the product on so it will be absorbed into the skin.  It's supposed to get rid of puffiness and over time, dark circles.  I have almost Seungri-like dark circles so I was interested if it would work for me.

Now, the big question... does it work?  Does it even make a difference?  Well... yyyeeesss...?

I mean, I don't have a big problem with puffiness.  It does help with lessening that.  As for the dark circles, I can't really say.  It does keep the area moisturized.  I have gone without moisturizer some days and this product held it together.  I do notice lighter dark circles since I've started using this but I don't think I can 100% attribute that to this product.  Since my vacation, I've been sleeping and eating better, taking care of my skin more.  Those also lessen the dark circles.

To be fair, yes, I believe it does something.  It helped in some way.  I just can't say that this is the main reason why I now have less dark circles.  But I will continue using it.  I actually enjoy the minty cooling sensation it leaves.