Review: Etude House Collagen Moistfull Facial Freshener

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This product is called Collagen Moistfull Facial Freshener.  Collagen Moistfull?  Really?  It sounds like something off Google Translate.  I don't think "moistfull" is even a word.  O__o

Anyway, I wanted to try Etude House's skin care items and I also needed a toner.  Two birds with one stone, this purchase was.  And I was looking for something to complete my PhP2,000 cut off for one of my Etude House trips and the sales lady recommended the Collagen Moistfull line.  I ended up getting the foundation and the powder that goes with it as well.  I think I got a free facial mask too.

I got it for PhP628 which is roughly $15.  The difference from my previous Etude House review post and now is that I can read Hangul a little bit better.  Not much but I'm improving.  ;-)  The photo in the upper right, the Hangul is pretty much a translation of the product name.  "Etude House Hydrological Full Collagen Skin", literally.  See what I mean about Google Translate?  LOL.  But whatever.  Etude House is quite known for its outrageous product names.

Packaging-wise, I like it.  It's different from their other product collections.  The bottle is made of thick and heavy glass.  It does not have a signature cutesy playful packaging the other Etude House products have.  It is more polished and simple.  My only complaint with the packaging is that it makes it difficult to dispense the product.

The product itself is thick and viscous.  It takes forever to pour from that small hole.  I would have preferred a pump.  I had to tip it upside down and tap it against the cotton and my hand for two small drops to come out.  If you want enough for your whole face, you'd be tapping all day.  -_-  Eventually, I had enough (product and of tapping, my hand began to hurt).

The product itself does not have the same consistency as most toners.  The toners many of us are familiar with are more on the liquidy side.  Like rubbing alcohol or facial astringent.  This one is thick.  Think hair serum.  And it smells... green, one of my favorite scents ever.  If scents bother you, it doesn't really stay once you apply the product on your face.  It feels cool and smooth.  It did lift oil and dirt from my face.  Although it does leave your face a bit drier.  Make sure to apply moisturizer after.

Personally, I prefer the watery toners.  The spout makes this less convenient to use. Although it does feel good on the skin, there are easier to use items out there that pretty much does the same thing.