Hobbit? Dwarf? Man?

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I know... I win at life. ;)

Who wants to go on an adventure with me?  I have Thorin's map and key.  All I need is a company.  Come one, come all!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Chronicles: Art and Design

The map replica even comes with (either glow in the dark or under black light) runes.  I cannot get over it!  I was stopping myself from geeking out in the middle of the food court earlier.  This whole book is just so awesome, I cannot wait to sit and read it from cover to cover.  I also got the Rolling Stone collectors edition for The Hobbit and it came with posters of the dwarves, Bilbo, Gandalf, and a map of Middle-Earth.  Suh-weet!

So, any takers?  With my size, I either am a girl-hobbit, a female dwarf, or a short female human.  Being a hobbit looks pretty fun.  ;-)