Valjeans... allez cuisine!

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The 10th Anniversary concert of Les Miserables is my favorite adaptation of the Victor Hugo book.  Not only because the lovely Lea Salonga was Eponine and delivered the very best version of On My Own but also because of this... the epic grand finale featuring several Valjeans from international productions.

It gives me goosebumps every time I watch it... or even just hearing it is pretty powerful.  Different voices, different languages... all of them evoke one emotion.  Awe. 

Not to mention the Chairman from Iron Chef Japan was a Valjean.  And a Javert.  One more reason why this clip is amazing.  And this song.  This song; if it does not touch you in any way, you are made of stone.  The finale crescendo brings a fresh batch of tears in my eyes every single time.  Just when you thought you're all cried out from Valjean's death, this comes along.

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