Haul and Save!

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안녕!  How was your Lunar New Year?  I had Italian food.  Yeah.  Totally unrelated.  And I also did some hauling.  Beauty hauling that is.  ^o^  How many orange lipsticks are at the drugstore?!  I am this close to having them all, I think.  Haha... I sure did well for myself yesterday.

Ohh yay, mess!  See, I even got a peachy blush.  My mom and I went crazy because both RiteAid and CVS are having such great deals right now.  And I had some surprise coupons from CVS that I had to use up before they expired.  Also, two of these products are not from yesterday's haul but I decided to include them anyway.  As I've mentioned before, anything orange will not be reviewed right away.  Wait for my master post on that.  The others... maybe.  The Wet n Wild stuff are new so I might get on that.

Products pictured (L-R):
  • Wet n Wild Fergie lipstick in A034 Bebot Love (say it with me, beh-bot.  It is Tagalog slang meaning "girl".  Hey, I just had to get it!) / Walgreens
  • Wet n Wild Fergie lipstick in A037 Old School Glam / Walgreens 
  • Kate Moss for Rimmel in #109 / Sears
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti.  (Yes, I've said that I dislike the Lip Butters when they first came out but upon recommendation from Jen from From Head to Toe, I have to give it another go.) / RiteAid
  • Maybelline Vivids in 880 Electric Orange / CVS
  • Physicians Formula Multi-Colored Blush in Blushing Peach / CVS
  • Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color in 921A Red My Mind (I'm a sucker for ads. I picked this up because this is what Fergie was wearing in the ad.) / CVS
  • Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color in 932A I Can Bare It / CVS
  • Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Gloss in 40 Captivating Coral (Impulse purchase because I didn't like the way Revlon Siren looked without gloss on top.) / Sears
  • Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in 046 Sizzle / RiteAid
  • NYC Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss in 473 Full On Fuschia (My CVS finally carries NYC!)
There's an item not in the picture and that is the Wet n Wild Clinical Lash Serum.  I got that as back up for the one I'm using up.  Plus, it was 50% off at CVS.

Anyhoo, that seems like a lot of products.  BUT... if you put together all my purchases from CVS (except the blush which my mom bought), I only paid $9.30.  No joke.  According to my receipt, I saved $17.31.  How?

Well, the Wet n Wild Megalast lip colors had instant $1 off coupons on them.  On top of that, Wet n Wild at CVS is Buy One Get One 50% off.  The lash serum was on clearance, also at 50% off.  I got the NYC gloss and Maybelline lipstick at full price.  And then, I had a $5 CVS coupon to burn.  Not to mention, I sent another 20% coupon to my card that morning.  Aaaand when I scanned my rewards card, I got a coupon that said "Spend $12 on cosmetics and get $4 off."  I had the cashier use all of those lovelies and I ended up paying less than $10 for 5 items.  As for my mom's damage, CVS is having 40% all Physicians Formula face makeup.  She loves that brand so she bought a backup of her favorite correcting powder and this blush... both of those for less than the price of one (Because she also had that $4 off manufacturer's coupon).  Steal?  I think so. 

RiteAid can't be beat as well.  They are having 40% off Almay, Wet n Wild, and Revlon cosmetics.  I picked up the lip butter and the gloss.  That brand has more orange goodness but that's for another day.  Again, instead of paying full price, I ended up paying $9.28 for both items, saving $6.20.

When I realized how much I was going to save at CVS, I went into full planning mode.  I know that sounds crazy but I'm always after the best deals.  There are great products for cheap at the drugstore, believe me.  I held off on buying Revlon at CVS because I knew RiteAid has a better deal.   I didn't mind getting the Maybelline Vivids lipstick at full price because the coupons will pay for it.  Just be on the look out for weekly deals.  There are blogs and sites that compile that information.  Also, sign up for your store's newsletter.  They not only have coupons for specific items but like with CVS, an automatic 20% off, no questions asked.

Have you tried any of these before?  If so, share your thoughts.  And if there are other orange lipsticks out there, let me know!