Review: Antique (2008)

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What is with me and pastry-related movies.  Not too long ago, I watched and reviewed Patisserie Coin de rue, a Japanese movie with a pastry shop as its main setting.  This time, I stumbled upon this little gem of a movie, Antique.  It is based off a Japanese manga and anime, Antique Bakery.

Kim Jin Hyuk (Joo Ji Hoon) owns Antique Bakery.  He comes from a wealthy family.  When he was a child, he was abducted but was returned to his family.  The only thing he remembers from the ordeal was eating cakes given to him by his abductor everyday.  As a consequence of that, he lost his interest in anything sweet.  Really, a pastry shop owner who hates sweets.  He hires a genius pastry chef, Min Seon Woo (Kim Jae Wook), who turns out to be one of his former classmates.  Seon Woo has been fired from every bakery he worked at because once he becomes attracted to a man, that man, regardless of his preference, becomes attracted to him also.  The male staff would fight over him and Seon Woo would be fired from that place.  Working at Antique Bakery seems perfect for him because when Jin Hyuk and Seon Woo were in school together, Seon Woo professed his love for Jin Hyuk but was rejected.

Other characters include Yang Ki Beom (Yoo Ah In), a former champion boxer who had to quit the sport because of an eye ailment.  He ends up being attracted to Seon Woo and becomes his apprentice.  Nam Soo Yeong (Choi Ji Ho) is Jin Hyuk childhood friend.  He is kind of slow and clumsy but he is very polite and tries very hard.  And there is Jean Baptiste (Andy Gillet), Seon Woo's mentor and former lover.

I found this movie while taking a break from Coffee Prince.  As you know, Kim Jae Wook played Noh Sun Ki in Coffee Prince.  When I read that he portrayed a gay chef in this movie, I was sold!  And I ended up liking this movie very much.  It's funny and cute.  I had so much fun with it.  And man, 김재욱 (sorry, I wanted to type in 한굴 lol) is mad hot!  I know he's a model, yes.  That hair in that ponytail, those glasses.  He does look a bit like Oska from Secret Garden sometimes but that's okay.  I loved how he portrayed Seon Woo.  Just so sassy and stylish!  ^o^  And he really is a good actor.  He was toned down in Coffee Prince, very tense and bad ass.  But here, he obviously is more feminine and there's just a natural comedy in him.  유아인 reminds me of 하림, also from Coffee Prince.  He might not be the main character but every time he's on, he steals the scene!

I really liked this movie.  I will be watching it again, definitely.  You should too.  :)