Skinfood and Outfit of the day (20130202)

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It was a fun and productive day at Korean language class yesterday.  Well, yesterday was pretty eventful anyway.  And I must say, I looked cute!

  • Panda sweater from Papaya (channeling my Seungri bias)
  • yellow long tank top from Body Basics
  • leggings from Sears
  • Steve Madded studded boots (I call them my BIGBANG boots. I originally bought them for the sole purpose of wearing them to the concert. I wore it on the first night.)
  • Oakley jacket
  • bag from The Sak

As you can see my book and notebook... being a good student!  ;-)  Also, I found out that a mall near me actually has a Skinfood kiosk.  Yayza!  I got a couple of items and do expect reviews on them within the week.

I got so excited when I saw the stall.  As you know, I am slowly getting into Korean cosmetics.  I absolutely adore Etude House and Skinfood is close second.  Blame Korean cosmetics for my orange lipstick obsession, willya?  So I perused their lip colors for all the orange that I can get.  The girl there was amused that I knew my Korean cosmetics and my oranges.  She was a huge help and we had fun in our mini orange swatch-fest.

Anyway, here's my mini haul:

  • Tomato Smoothy Tint in #1 Red Tomato
  • Honey Glossy Rouge in 331 Garden Balsam
  • Eva Armisen for Vita Tok lipstick in #1 Eva Pink
And I got a free umbrella from my Eva Armisen purchase.  I was actually going to pick up an orange plumping gloss but between an $11 gloss and a $17 lipstick plus umbrella, I went with the latter.  After reading reviews, I kind of want to pick up the other Eva Armisen lipstick, #2 Eva Peach.

 And the girl was nice enough to give me extra samples!

PS: Guess who's going to THE PACKAGE TOUR concert on 20130705 at The Staples Center?  THIS GIRL!