Welcome to 오렌지 키스!

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Hey all! First of all, welcome to ORANGE KISSU!

No, this is not a "new" blog. If you came here looking for catey-cakes, you are sort of in the right spot. I just changed the name/URL of my blog to ORANGEKISSU. So do update your links and bookmarks accordingly. ;-)

The name catey-cakes came about because I wanted to start a new blog but cannot think of a name for it at that time. For a time, catey-cakes sounded cute and honestly, convenient, but I never really liked it. It served purpose but it did not reflect what I like, who I am, and what I envisioned my blog would be like.

Orange is my favorite color, as you all know, and lately I've been into orange lip color. Pair that with my growing love for Korean language, I just decided to pair those two up and so ORANGE KISSU is born. And the moment the name came to me, I thought it was the one.

This blog may or may not undergo changes layout-wise. I'm pretty terrible with arts and graphics that are not on my nails but I may tweak a little bit here and there. After all, change is constant. For now, I like the way it is and with this name-change, I feel that this blog will more come into its own soon.

So there you have it. Welcome to ORANGE KISSU!