A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)

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aka Die Hard 5

How hard is it to er... die hard?  It's like Mission: Impossible.  How can it be impossible when the "missions" were "accomplished" four times now.  The previous Die Hard movie was called Live Free, Die Hard.  It looks like this franchise is going the Fast & Furious route where they just play around with the title to make it sound different when in fact, it pretty much has the same plot.  But this is me being nitpicky again. 

The first thought when I saw this movie poster was, "VARRO!!!!"  Jai Courtney who plays Bruce Willis' son in the movie was the gladiator Varro, Spartacus' best friend in Spartacus: Blood and Sand.  That friendship has one of the most heartbreaking stories that continues on to Spartacus: Vengeance.  Also, during the Spartacus: War of the Gods premiere, the producers mentioned that Jai Courtney was going to be a part of this movie so I really looked forward to it.

The Die Hard franchise is one of those straight-up action movies with little to no plot.  And it doesn't really matter if you've seen the previous movies because the explosions and gunshots and action will hit you on the face from the first minute!  The previous film had John McClane's daughter in the mix.  This one now has his son, Jack.  And like father, like son... he's in the "killing bad guys" business as well.

Their father-son banter was hit and miss.  At times, it worked but there are times when it was awkward at best.  Forced humor, I should say.  It's not the fault of the actors.  They had good chemistry.  I don't know, it just felt forced.  But the action was great.  Questionable and unbelievable but still great.  After all, isn't the action the reason why people watch/like these kinds of movies?  At least that's my reason.  The first Die Hard is as old as I am and I think that the plot for this one would've worked even if it was used 25 years ago.  XD  I just... I think I laughed more than anything.

To sum it all up, A Good Day to Die Hard is the McClanes killing bad guys and a couple dozen innocent people stuck in traffic in Russia.  That's pretty much it.