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What in the gods mighty names is this?!

I'm not the biggest CL fan (I'm kind of over her right now; there are 3 other girls in your group, girl... how about them?) nor am I a fan per se of Jeremy Scott but this... this is fcking awful.  If this is what people consider "high fashion", then I'm not getting the point.  I've seen a lot of haute couture and this is more like a hot mess.  I mean... LOOK AT IT!  I honestly wanted to throw up a little when I saw these pics the first time.  O___O  CL, what happened?

More horror under the cut.

I admit, I liked this photo on Instagram.  CL's bod is rockin'.  Everything else... Sadako, anyone?

Whoever can explain this to me, you're my hero.  "Adults suck then you are one."  I feel like it's either missing a punctuation or sense.

Either it's the 2NE1 "group" fan in me talking or I just my absolute refusal to call Jeremy Scott "high fashion" - or both - I'm so over all of this.  JS was great when he stuck with the adidas shoes, as fug as some of them are.  These "clothes"... no, thanks.  And CL, yeah... I respect her talent and I absolutely LOVE watching her perform.  Yeah, the baddest female and all that but when it call comes down to it, CL becomes the baddest female only in the company of the other 3.  At least that's how it comes across for me.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge 2NE1 fan just like the next person but yeah, I'm not feeling this one.

I want new 2NE1 material now.  YG says March (two-three days left, dude) and CL says April.  Ano ba talaga,kuya?  I feel like CL is doing these "independent" promotions or projects because of the lack of official ones from her company.  In that way, I'm happy for her.  This all is just too much and too WACKY for me.

I still love 2NE1.  So STFU, you crazy fans out there.