I am a YG f(st)an because...

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... of this.  Well, one of the many reasons.

이하이과 이천원 - Love the Way You Lie.

Lee Hi is really impressing me.  Papa YG did the right thing by picking her as a trainee/talent.  Her voice is raw and it's something that I would definitely listen to.  And her English!  Wow.  I'm not sure if she can speak English for real but her singing English is just on point.  This whole performance gave me goosebumps.  Even the rap part was great.  I don't know much about 2000원 but this is enough to make me look into them.  That other dude's English though... hehe.

I do like YG Entertainment more than the other agencies, however, I'm not a crazy ass stan.  I stay as far away from fannish activities or spats as I can.  I just don't care if you like so-and-so more than Dara or if you think Bom's surgeries make her look fake.  Whatever floats your boat.  I'm on the YG wagon because of their talents.  G-Dragon may be batshit crazy with a slice of arrogance but at the same time, there is genius in that pretty little head of his.  Say what you will about Seungri but he did write songs for his solo release and the boy can dance.  I'm not one to "defend" my "bias" til the world ends.  If that's your opinion, go ahead.  No need for nasty words (which are rather prevalent in the K-Pop commenting circuit).

Now we have the 막내.  I mean, I don't care if she's ugly (which she is not lol)... the girl can saaaaang.  And there's no pretensions.  Let the voice speak for itself.  She needs more work but with a voice like that, she's halfway there.  Now, I'm not saying the others are not good.  I think there's talent everywhere.  (And I absolutely love 백아연's cover of 하루하루.)  It goes down to personal preference.  I prefer this sound over the overly manufactured and Autotuned noise that passes for music nowadays.  And I'm sort of happy that my intro to K-Pop was via BIGBANG.  The quality of their stuff is just leagues above everything else that it makes it hard for me to look elsewhere.  But I am getting there.

(I've discovered how insanely catchy B2ST's 아름다움 밤이야 is and BAP's 빗소리 is slowly becoming my jam.  Miss A is almost right up there with 2NE1 in my list.  If you have more suggestions, leave them below.  감사해요.)

Oh, sorry.  This has become a rather preachy post.  Hehe, this is how I talk about K-Pop.  I can be all foamy and fangirly but most of the time, it's like this.  But really, ignore the text and just enjoy the video.