Singing Out Loud

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Have you ever lost yourself in a song?  You're in your own little world, headphones on, and really getting into the song you're listening to and singing along to it.  At first, in your head and then you don't realize that you're singing out loud also.  That happens to me all the time.  I have no shame lol.

Earlier this afternoon, I stopped by Rite Aid to pick up some stuff.  As usual, I had my earphones on listening to my K-Pop.  Ugly by 2NE1 comes on.  I know all the actual words to that song.  Usually, I just mouth the words and pretend I'm doing a music video for it.  I know, 미친.  Anyway, I find that song so easy to sing that eventually, sounds began to come out of my mouth as I perused the Revlon racks.

난 왜 이렇게 못난 걸까
어떡하면 나도너처럼환하게
웃어볼 수 있을까

또 화가나 왜 늘 완벽하지 못해
이 깨진 가울 숙 못난 모습을 향해 탓하기만 해

쳐다보지마 지금 이 느낌이 싫어난
어디론가 숨고만 싶어 벗어 나고 싶어
이 세상은 자짓말

And of course, I stop there.  I don't sing the English lyrics out loud because someone might hear and yeah, they understand English and all that good stuff.

But this time was different.  As I listened to CL do the chorus, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.  I turn and what do you know, there's a Korean lady behind me.  Uh-oh.  Did I make a fool out of myself, butchering those poor harmless Korean lyrics?

Lady: Excuse me.  For a bit there, I thought you were Korean.
Me:  O________O  What do you mean?
Lady: I have students who like K-Pop and try to sing K-Pop.  But of course, they learn the lyrics by ear and just say what it sounds like to them.  With you, I actually understood the words.  Even if I didn't know what song you were singing.
Me: Wow, really?  ^_______^ 
Lady: Yes.  You have very good pronunciation.  대박!
Me: Hahaha, 고마워요.
Lady: Are you taking lessons or...?
Me: Yes, lessons.  It's good to know that my efforts are going somewhere.
Lady: Keep it up.  You were really good.  And your voice sounds really good also.  And it's amusing to me that you don't sing the English words.

Haaaah!  Such a nice feeling!  I'm always shy practicing what little Korean that I know with native speakers.  It's normal; being afraid to make a mistake.  But how can you learn without errors, right?  I jump into any opportunity to practice or immerse myself in the language.  And if anything, I love the way it sounds.

Anyway, I'm glad that I'm making progress with this language thing... may it be just in song.  :D  At least when I go to 노래방, I can sound convincing.  ㅋㅋㅋ...