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Yesterday was a beautiful Spring day.  But hey, I wore black and red.  XD

My Korean class was 재미있어, as usual.  This is the one thing in my week that I genuinely look forward to and am excited about.  My teacher and I talked about that... that this is the one thing I do for myself and not because I have to or it's my job.  Plus, I pay for this.  I have to enjoy it, right? ㅋㅋㅋ...

I love wearing dresses.  I don't have a lot though.  I'm very picky when it comes to dresses.  I am on the heavier side (more then than now, mind you) so I have some places to hide or disguise.  But I love this one from Cotton On.  And I got it for $5 at the Camarillo Outlets.  The sandals are from Sam & Libby (Ross, actually) and my bag is from Juicy Couture that I originally got for the BIGBANG concert.  The black bangle is from Forever 21 that I got when they had their uber sale.  I think that went for $1.99, idek.

Also, Saturdays is the one day of the week when I can be more adventurous with my makeup.  Some weeks ago, I went with blue mascara.  This week wasn't that loud though.  It just felt a bit... dark.  LOL.

  • Missha M Perfect Cover 비비 크림 No. 23
  • NYX Powder blush in Cinnamon
  • ELF All Over Cover Stick in Ivory
  • The orange/gold shade in the Victoria's Secret trio in Envy Me
  • The red shade in a Forever 21 quad (no name)
  • ELF creme liner in brown
  • Physician's Formula Organics Jumbo Lash mascara
  • NYX HD eye primer
  • Wet n Wild brow kit
  • Vaseline Lip therapy lip balm
  • Fergie for Wet n Wild in Saraghina
I wore something on my eyes during The Avenger premiere.  I call it my Iron Man eyes.  Eyeron Man, as my friend commented.

By the way, no fake lashes needed.  ;-) 

I need to go through my nail polish boxes.  And make a dent on my "unused" bottles.  Or give them away, 몰라.  I'm definitely weeding out those that I do not like.  Make room for more! This is Island Coral by Sinful Colors.

I mentioned the Camarillo Premium Outlets above.  Well, I did go there after school yesterday.  And yes, I did make a stop at my favorite place, Cotton On.  I didn't get any clothes but I picked up some headphones for $5.  I figured, why not.  My mom discouraged me from picking up more $1 notebooks.  She said I never use them anyway.  (She might be right lol.)

But the biggest splurge of the day was done at Coach.  It's one of those days when you just have to close your eyes, breathe deep, and hand over your card to the cashier.  Dear Coach, you win this round.

You must know that I have a slight aversion to the generic CCCCCCC design from Coach.  Especially those that come in the grey/black.  Everyone and their great-grandmother has one like that.  Like I said, generic.  But when a brand like Coach says that they're having their biggest sale of the year, you're stupid to turn around and walk away.  It was 50% off all regular priced handbags and 65% off all CLEARANCE items.  And their wristlets are $20 each.

Of course, the clearance section was full of those generic designs but there was this one gem that spoke to me as soon as I got there.  Perfect for spring and summer.

It's the Kristin Chain Link Print Large Hobo.  There on the side is my Cotton On find, a pair of mint Miu Miu-esque headphones.  Together, they are just so perfect for summer!  I also got a Poppy Daisy Liquid Gloss wristlet in blue.  These are generally impulse purchases but that's where my week's wages went and there are no regrets here. 

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Hi unnie! Sorry medyo OT but I tagged you dun sa isa kong blog. You don't have to do it if you don't want to. ^^ http://meloncreme.wordpress.com/2013/05/12/liebster-award/

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