Goodbye, CSI:NY.

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And there you go.  Nine seasons.  End.

I haven't been watching CSI: New York since Melina Kanakaredes left but I've had some good memories of this show.  I've watched four solid seasons -- survived that horrid Danny/Lindsay pairing, spent my precious time on an online forum thinking up possible character storylines (that sometimes came true lol... you sneaky writers), and wrote my longest and best fan fiction for the most natural pairing in the CSI-verse, Mac/Stella.  SMACked.  I was pretty into CSI:NY back then that it actually replaced CSI:LV as my favorite show for a while. 

But I just couldn't watch it without Stella.  Danny/Lindsay became a TV-family and that was the final nail on the coffin.  Up to the very end, I never liked Lindsay... I like her even less than Elena Gilbert.  But I loved Sid Hammerback, Sheldon Hawkes, Don Flack, Danny Messer, and of course, Mac Taylor.  Adam was one of my favorite lab techs in the CSI-verse... probably second to Archie.  I tried watching some with Jo Danville and she was okay. 

I saw them film once at DTLA's Spring St. and saw Sela Ward (who played Jo Danville) from afar; Eddie Cahill (who played Det. Flack) passed by our table at LA Cafe; and as pictured above, met Carmine Giovinazzo (who played Danny Messer).  It's weird to meet someone, an actor whose character you've written fan fiction about.  I don't think I wrote any CSI:NY fics after that lol. 

Now, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is the last one standing.  I've caught up with this latest season and even with a different-looking cast, it reminded me why it became my favorite at the first place.  I loved CSI:NY.  It'll always be one of my favorites.  Sending love to all the cast and crew who worked on it for nine wonderful seasons.