That's so 대박!

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Can I add this to my list of accomplishments?  ^^

This is a screenshot of a SMS conversation that I had with my Korean language teacher.  Her messages are in yellow and mine's the blue in the middle.  As you can see, it's in Hangul.  Five months ago, those characters would mean nothing to me.  Now, I was able to manage a conversation, albeit via text, in Korean.

It's during one of the few times when my phone is not within inches of my person.  Imagine my surprise when I check my messages after a workday and find this message in my inbox.  I paused.  Challenge accepted!  And it didn't take me that long to read and understand.  Sure, my teacher might have dumbed it down a bit but still!  It felt good to read something in Korean other than a textbook, signs, and menus.  The next challenge was replying in Korean.  It's kind of like reading between the lines; the teacher messaged you in Korean so she could be expecting a reply also in Korean.  A test, if you may.  XD

Never mind the 2-hour window between her first message and my reply.  Like I said, my phone was MIA.  Haha!  ;-)  But still, I cannot tell you how anxious I was when I was composing that message.  It's dead simple but sentence construction is still very new to me.  Not to mention Korean grammar and structure are so much different than English or Filipino.  And she replied!  So I must have done well, I'm guessing...?  Hahaha... I had the dopiest smile on my face that walk home.

Basically, the exchange meant that I don't have Korean class this Saturday.  Instead, it was moved to Wednesday evening just for this week.  And it oh, it was scorching HOT yesterday.

I'll be off doing my숙제 then.