Welcome back, Mr. Langdon.

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I'm so ready to dig into this new Robert Langdon adventure.  This bad boy was released today and I just couldn't resist picking one up right away.  My mom and I have all Dan Brown novels.  (She's read them all.  I just read all the Langdon ones.)

I enjoy these Langdon novels.  I love that they're built around history yet is very fictional.  But it gets you thinking.... all the "what ifs" and "I never looked at it that ways".  It's so well researched that you might need to Wikipedia some locations or artworks just to see if they're real.  I admit, I did my share of that when I was reading The Lost Symbol, and I've been to Washington DC myself!

I just can't wait.  But I have to.  I have Korean class tomorrow and I have to study.  ;-)

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I agree with you! Ever since I watched the Langdon movies, I got so hooked up with the books, too! It surely has made me searching over the internet whether the stuff written were true. Though, I may not be that big of a fan as you. I must buy it when they release the paperback (broke). You have a nice blog! :)

- Caryl of http://problematic-schematic.tumblr.com

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Thanks! :) I'll visit your blog after I get off work, okay? (Huwag gayahin... pumepetiks sa trabaho lmao.)

Yeah, the curiosity gets to you. And it's almost hard to believe that these places and things actually exist. Hats off talaga kay Dan Brown. What's your favorite Dan Brown book?