National Siblings Day

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They say brothers & sisters are like cats & mice. This guy is one of my best-est friends. 사랑해, 내 동생!

Thank you for sticking by during that 5-hour wait at The Avengers premiere.  You're one of the few people who had seen me completely lose my shit over the presence of a celebrity.  Thank you for taking my word for so many things... that Avenue Q is the best thing since forever; that Wicked is wicked; for understanding why I went to American Idiot multiple times.

One of my favorite memories growing up was at bedtime, when I shared a bedroom with my brother - he was on the bottom bunk and we would throw out lines from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie back and forth.  Verbatim.  From when Dumbledore first appeared to "That thing has a name?"  And also, acting out the whole Council of Elrond scene with just the two of us. 

I've never had someone be on the same page as I am most - if not all - of the time.  And I treasure that.  I'm glad to have you as my brother and I would never ask for anyone else.