"Do you know Mr. GD?"

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I answered a phone call at work today that went something like this --

Brendon (with a heavy Indian accent): Good afternoon, madam.  My name is Brendon calling from <so-and-so company>.  I would like to talk to Mr. G.D <Armenian-sounding last name> to update his information in our database.

Me (all confused and taken aback by the mention of "GD"): I'm sorry but I think you have the wrong number.  We do not have anyone by that name here.

Brendon: Ah, madam.  So you don't know Mr. GD?

Me (almost laughing out loud at the absurdity of what I was about to say next): I'm pretty sure.  The only GD I am familiar with is a Korean guy.

Brendon: Ah Korean.  Not Armenian?

Me: Yes, Korean.

OMG, how I was able to say all that with a straight face, I know not.

I have a boring to death job and Mr. GD is definitely making it 재미 있어.