Look of the Day (20130407)

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Transition fashion is tricky.  When seasons change, the weather gets crazy.  You're not sure if it's going to be hot or cold.  Dress warmly and it's going to be HOT.  Dress more for spring/summer, it'll be dead cold.  What gives?!

Today wasn't so bad.  It was sunny but the wind was chilly.  I got this oversized sweater from Forever 21 yesterday on sale for $5.  I went back and forth between a medium and a large size but I went for the large because it looked better, in my opinion.  I'm really into the ulzzang fashion, if it's not obvious already (check out my other LOTD posts lol), and I'm constantly on the look out for more stuff to add to my closet.

New York Color in Raindrop (LE) and Shimmer Blast top coat

I'm glad to have a photo of these rings.  Specifically the key one and the ribbon one.  Why?  Because I already lost them.  O__o  I'm not a ring-wearer, apart from that C one I had since I was a child.  The "fake" ones I take off when I wash my hands.  I put them in my bag and forget to put them back on once my hands are dry.  They either fall out of the pockets or just disappear for some reason.  Whatevs.  They're not expensive.  At least I have a photo to remember them by.

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