It's one thing to wear mismatched socks...

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... but to wear mismatched SHOES?  That's so bright of you, Cate.

You see, I have two pairs of Chuck Taylors that look almost the same.  They differ a bit in color and size.  The one in the light gray is smaller than the dark blue.  Last Friday, I was rushing to get out the door to catch the earlier train.  I already forgot to wear a watch that day.  As I was walking to the station, I noticed that my left foot felt less comfortable than the right.  I thought I wore my blue Chucks.  I didn't think much on it at that time though.

Then I got to my work place.  I finally decided to look down and examine my shoes.  Lo and behold, my suspicions were correct.  In my haste, I put on a shoe from two different pairs.

If anybody noticed, they were nice enough to not mention it to me.  ;-)