The things I do for you, T.O.P.

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T.O.P. is a rapper from BIGBANG.  As an actor, he goes by his real name, 최승현.  He's an extremely good-looking man.  And he's a damn good actor.  I mean it.

It started off with downloads of Iris and 71: Into the Fire.  I loved 71: Into the Fire so I decided to get it on DVD.  I saw a ~pirated copy of I Am Sam in LA Chinatown and since I could not find a decent download of it, I picked it up.  On a trip to Amoeba Music in Hollywood, I spotted the film edit for Iris.  I figured I should just complete the set and get 19-Nineteen.  And today, that film joined this growing collection.  I might still get an Iris DVD set, I don't care if it's pirated as long as it plays.  I was a huge fan of Alias and Iris has definitely reminded me of that.

I should mention that I also have a pirated copy of What's Up.  강대성 perfection while singing the Korean version of This is the Moment.  I saw that on Youtube and my hair stood on end.  I spotted that copy while vacationing in the Philippines.  I cannot find it online so I'll take whatever I can.

So what else am I missing?  Why Did You Come To My House with 승리, maybe.  But the whole movie is on Youtube, I think and Seungri had a small part in that.  At least in 19-Nineteen, he plays lead alongside TOP.  I'm still working on the BIGBANG DVDs but I'm happy with my BIGBANG-related movie collection.