Liebster Award!

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Thanks, Angeli, for the nomination/award thingy.  And I'm so sorry it took me this long to get this up.  It's tough to think up 11 facts lol.  I know this is not a Wordpress blog but all the love is appreciated!  (Psst people, I do have a Wordpress. I may or may not be resurrecting it but we'll see.)

I love these survey things as blog fillers or just to pass the time.  And I love finding out stuff about other people through this.  It's interesting to read and compare answers.  It's also a good way to learn the small things about a person.  I know there's a K-Pop version of this but I don't want to bore you with YG-ness more than I am already.  ;-)

1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the questions left by the blogger who nominated you.
3. Nominate five (or more) bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Make sure to notify them.
4. Make up questions for those you have nominated.
5. Display the Liebster Award badge on your blog.


I already have a couple in the Need-to-Knows section of this blog so I'll think up of new stuff may just add these to that.  'k?

1. I was born on the day of the opening ceremonies of the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics.  Yes, on the exact date.  Wikipedia it and you'll know when I was born.  Kind of fitting that 25 years later, I'm learning Korean language.

2.  I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows inside of 17 hours from that moment I paid for it (on the opening day, no less), through meals, and "studying".

3. I have watched Moulin Rouge every New Year's Eve for... almost 10 years now.  It all started when HBO premiered it for TV viewing back-to-back.  I watched it twice in a row during NYE and every year since.

4. I've loved languages ever since I was little.  I started out with Japanese in grade school, Mandarin Chinese in high school, Spanish and French in college, and now I'm learning Korean.  I can pick up words here and there for Japanese and French.  I can recognize some Chinese characters.  I read Spanish better than speaking it.  And as for Korean... well, that's where I made most improvement.

5. I went to the same performance arts workshop as 2NE1's 박산다라, Center for Pop Music Philippines.

6. Some years ago, I marathon'd Criminal Minds from season 1, episode 1 to the latest episode of what was then season 6 over the course of 9 days.  My mom was with me.  We haven't missed an episode since.

7. I have an awful sense of direction.  I get more confused if you give me directions with actual direction words - North, South, East, West, etc.  I operate with landmarks better.  Walk straight until you see the RiteAid and turn left.

8. There was a time when I knew all the words to Stan by Eminem, Rollin and My Generation by Limp Bizkit.  I can still mime to them now but give me a few listens and I think I can still do it.

9. I read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Generation Kill by Evan Wright, and The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien at least once every year.

10. I "appeared" in The Playbill Broadway Yearbook, Sixth Annual Edition.  See for yourself.  Under the American Idiot entry.

11. Orange is my favorite color.  If you don't know already.


1. If you win the lottery, what would be the first thing that you would buy with the prize money?
I'd travel.  I love traveling but the money aspect prevents me from doing that.  There's so much world to see.  As for material things, I can think of some things.  My "priorities" change frequently.

2. What are the top 5 countries that you’d like to go to for vacation?
In no particular order: Italy (particularly the Vatican City), New Zealand (and go to The Shire), South Korea (to go to DMZ and shop), Japan (and go to the Ramen Museum and Sanrio Puroland), and Spain.

3. Are you a lefty or a righty?
 나는 왼손 잠이에요.  I am left-handed only when it comes to writing, guitar-playing, playing tennis, and using chopsticks.  I have learned to adjust and adapt in this severely right-handed world.

4. What instruments do you play? If you don’t play any, then what is the instrument that you wish to learn how to play?
As mentioned above, I play the guitar.  I briefly had piano lessons but I became better in another kind of keyboard, the one on a computer.  I also sing.

5. What are the top 5 most played songs on your playlist?
My iTunes library - American Idiot by the Original Broadway Cast
K-Pop playlist - Fire by 2ne1

6. What’s your dream job?
Something in the field of criminal justice and profiling.  No, you cannot blame CSI and Criminal Minds.  I've fallen in love with these fields even before these shows were born.

... now, I'm supposed to nominate people.  But I won't.  Y'all are free to do this.  Here are my questions for you:

1. Name your greatest achievement in your life so far.
2. If you were to be born in a different country, where would it be and why.
3. You are a character on a television show. Who are you?
4. What is your favorite part of your face?
5. Favorite vacation spot in your country?  Post a picture.

Link me if ever you decide to play!