Legolas Thranduilion

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Guys... hold me.  OMG, I can't handle this.

It's Legolas.  I'm literally shaking and almost crying over this.  LEGOLAS.  OMG.

I can see how he'll fit into the story.  I actually imagined it every time I read The Hobbit.  And I am craving for some Thranduil-Legolas daddy-son action.  I wonder if they'll mention Legolas' other family members.  But daaaaamn, I so can see it now and I'm already freaking out.  Pray that I make it to the actual movie viewing.  He's still so bad ass.  And Tauriel?  I appreciate the initiative to add a female character.  I have to see her in action in the film before I can form an opinion about her.  And The Bard?  Yeeeeees, please!

The appearance of The Bard gives a clue as to where the films cuts off to the 3rd one.  Would they have enough literary material for 3 hours of There and Back Again?  I don't care how they do it just as long as they have enough Legolas in that too.  Aaaah....

I have to go.  I'm leaving the office early for the True Blood red carpet premiere.  Dang, my nerves are already shot because of this trailer and I'll be meeting Alexander Skarsgard again later tonight.  Wish me luck!