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My face is on Getty Images.  People actually paid money to download it to their computers to post it on their Tumblrs to share it to the world.  I saw the set of pictures myself and I think I was the only non-celebrity "featured" in them.  I'm baffled.  But I'm also overwhelmed and thankful that out of all the people there, the photographer picked that moment, picked me.  =D

WTF am I saying?  Enough trying to be coherent here.


I win.  Yeah-yuh!  XD

It's pretty legit.

This was taken at the True Blood season 6 red carpet premiere.  I've been coming to this event since 2010, making this my 4th consecutive time.  Honestly, I don't watch the show anymore.  When they introduced the fairy element, I got out.  I agreed with Sookie when she said, "STFU" or something to that effect when someone told her she was a fae.  I don't know what's going on with the characters anymore and I have no idea who the new characters are.  So why do I still go?

Well.  That should explain it.  I've been somewhat lucky with my encounters with Alexander Skarsgard at True Blood red carpet premieres.  2010, I was at the very end of the fan line and by the time he got to me, the publicists where pulling him out.  But when he saw my Generation Kill book already signed by Stark Sands, he pointed to me and wanted to sign it!  Just look at that eye contact-ish that he did.  2011 was amazing.  I got over the initial jitters from last year.  So when he got to our spot, I had the courage to talk to him; I asked him about his GK pals.  Someone even got that on video.  Unfortunately, that video had been taken down (but I think I have it in my computer somewhere).  Also, I met some really cool people during the 2011 premiere.

Last year's red carpet was the worst.  Out of all my premiere experiences.  It was so hot, I came alone, I had an awful spot, I was so tired, and the people... guuuh.  I'm okay with pushing and shoving but that year, man.  I just hated it.  And what I got that night wasn't worth the wait.  But at least, I saw ASkars 2-3 more times that year.  Even watched a movie with him in the audience.  ;-)

I thought my 2011 was the best opportunity I had.  The more Alexander becomes famous, the harder it is to get to him - the possibility that he'll interact with fans less or more crazies will be competing for his attention, etc.  I already missed one opportunity to see him in person this year when I missed The East premiere.  I heard about it on the day of the event.  I managed to get tickets but it was just too late for me to go head to the venue after work.  But the TB premiere had something special for me.

This view is becoming more and more familiar.  Apart from the TB premieres, the one for Spartacus: Vengeance was held here too.  That's where I met Craig Parker and had the most epic fangirl moment of my life so far.  I like the Arclight but it is just the most inconvenient place to hold a premiere.  It is essentially a movie theater.  You really don't have a place to put a fan line apart from the sidewalk.  But they make it work.

It was strange this year because they were supposed to be done setting up the barricades by the time 3-4pm came.  The fans should be "organized" and settled by then.  They got those things up and settled at around 5-5:30pm.  They definitely started the event late this year.  That meant that the bigger stars of the show will come way later, giving them less time to sign.  (I think it's a deliberate move.  I really do.)

I really didn't mind it.  My friend and I scored great spots and we were surrounded by autograph hounds that were somewhat... okay.  They were pretty friendly and I wasn't hit by anything hard this time around.  (I'm short so usually the mounted photos come over my head easy.)  The guy beside me also was asking for pics from the actors so they stayed a bit longer by our spot and it made it easier for me to ask for pictures next.

I did it a bit differently this year.  I don't usually ask for pictures with the celebrity but with the help of my lovely Samsung S3, it's easier to take a selca vs my ever trusty point-and-shoot.  Plus, I was right there against the barricade so why the hell not. ;-)  I still don't do autographs though.  Except from Alexander.  On any GK stuff.

I asked for a pic with pretty much the core cast, the ones who have been there since the first season (and the only ones I was familiar with lol).  Even former showrunner, Alan Ball, was there.  In fact, he was the first one down the line.  Now, True Blood is good and all but when we're talking about Alan Ball and HBO, it's all about Six Feet Under.  I mean... if you haven't seen that show, you're missing out on so much.  It destroyed me.  I got to tell Alan Ball that Six Feet Under was - IS - perfection and that made my night already.

The people around me this year were great.  And it's amusing how there would be an actor coming along and someone would say, "Oh, I love her in [insert show that is not TB]."  It's like we loved them in everything except TB.  Hahahaha...

I told Chris Bauer was awesome in The Wire, another HBO show where he played PJ Ransone's dad.  (Hey, another GK connection.)  We all loved Anna Camp in Pitch Perfect, duh.  Some of us even wanted to sing some songs from the movie as she walked past.  Rutger Hauer from Ladyhawke plays a new character on the show this season and people were calling out to him by his older films.  The Hitcher, hello.  (Remade with Sean Bean... Ned Stark, another HBO connection.  I can do this all day.)

I must say, it wasn't as crazy as previous years.  Or maybe because I was used to it already.  Or maybe the situation behind me was more chaotic.  Since I'm up front, I wasn't really stressing to have my stuff signed.  Plus, I can play the "small girl, don't crush me" card whenever I feel the pushing get a bit out of hand.

Just when I thought that the day will be uneventful, enter Alexander Skarsgard.  It was a rather chaotic situation.  2-3 other actors were making their way down the fan line.  I totally forwent using my point-and-shoot in favor of my S3.  (Ever since the BIGBANG Alive Tour concert, I've been an expert on taking fab pics on this phone.)  Alex got to my spot and before asking for a pic, I said a cheery "hi" and showed him my GK backing card.  He gave me that familiar smile I know all too well when he sees anything GK and signed it.

Being the only Generation Kill fan (super-fan, really) in a crowd of Trubies is definitely an advantage.  After meeting several of the actors from the mini-series, I believe that this project is truly special to them.  I asked Alex if he was still in contact with the guys and he said, "Yes, of course.  I see them all the time."  My little GK heart was so happy.  Their friendship isn't only on-screen but off-screen as well.  It's really a brotherhood, I believe.  I know, I know... it's the one thing I ask him all the time but hey, it's my way to break the ice with the on-screen Iceman.  ;-)  If you haven't seen GK yet, please do.  It's hard not to be charmed by these actors and characters even though the language and themes are not for the faint of heart.  Go out and read the books about the events too.

As I was getting my picture with Alex, I noticed a professional photographer in my line of sight.  As Alex crouched down to my level, the photographer guy readied his camera.  I counted 1, 2, and 3... snapped the photo, and I also heard the sound of a camera's shutter on burst shot.  I was too wrapped up in Alex that I didn't really think much of it.  As my friend and I wound down after the premiere, I remembered that moment.  But again, didn't dwell on it.  I mean, what would anyone do with a photo of ASkars with a fan?  At least, I didn't look like a hot mess beside him in my photo.  ^^

Anyway, as Alex was signing more stuff literally over my head, Michael McMillian came over and said, "This is the real Alexander Skarsgard."  Alex smiled and went on to sign Michael's wrist, apparently a fan service thing I didn't know about.  But I have been around the TB fandom long enough to know the ASkars/McMillzz bromance! 
Yes, I watermarked this bad boy.
THIS.  This awesome moment happened directly in front of me.  Not even two feet away.  I went insane with the shutter button on my phone.  I got 3-4 great photos of this moment.  I'm pretty sure there are others out there who captured this but I'd like to believe mine are the best hahahahah.  I mean, I could see the minuscule "Calvin Klein" on the buttons of Alex's coat; I was that close.  ;-)  Michael didn't even bother taking the signature off...

I know it's a bit shallow of me but when I saw this on tumblr (click on the pic for the link) and my photo (above), I got giddy.  I had no idea how "special" it was to fans.  I'm just glad to have immortalized that moment.  To me, it was pretty awesome even though I had no idea what it was truly about.  Fan service is the food that keeps a fan girl going.

The rest of the night went by as expected.  When Stephen and Anna came by, they literally had no time to sign therefore, it got too chaotic so they had to be pulled away.  As Alex was working his way back up the line, I had half a brain to fire up my Vine (@tonicate10 also).  Before leaving, I managed to shoot this 6-second gem: 

Look at that.  He was literally on top of me.  Standing.  I mean... whut?!  XD

So when all was said and done, I was looking through my pictures to watermark them... when my friend sent me a message on FB saying that my photo with Alex is on Tumblr.  I was like, "WHUUUUUT?!"  It can't be, right?  I thought it was just some random fan-taken pic but noooo... it was from that professional photographer!

Two years ago, the ladies that I met while waiting in line managed to get photos of me and Alex while I took my selca.  So I had multiple proofs that it actually happened.  This year, Getty Images can vouch for me.  Here's my 2013 photo with Alexander Skarsgard and a photo of the moment when it was taken:

Thank you, Mr. Jeff Kravitz of FilmMagic.  This totally made my year.  And I actually look pretty cute in that photo haha.  I just cannot believe it.  For that first 24 hours since seeing this, I could not deal.  Someone Up There must love me.  Or I must've done something good (yes, singing that ala Maria von Trapp).  I'm just so thankful and humbled by this.  I'm a fan of this guy and it's just awesome that I get these kinds of moments.  When I started watching GK, I never thought I'd meet any of them, let alone Stark and Alex.  But hey, out of all the cast, I've met them the most times!

I wonder what 2014 will have in store.  I'll eventually start watching True Blood again but for now, as long as there's a Skarsgard in the picture, I'll be there.

(Okay, that sounded creepy.  But trust me, I'm not like that.  LOL.)

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