This baby was waiting for me at home after Vegas!

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I have no words for this.  !!!!!  (Actually, I do lol.)

I received this last Friday but I didn't get to open it until midnight the following Monday.  I went straight from work to Las Vegas, NV but my mom said that my package from Music Plaza had arrived that afternoon.  I actually told her to bring it with her when she picked me up because I wanted to open it already. ^^,

But she didn't and I had to wait until we got back home to get my hands on it.  It was packaged soooo very nicely so props to Music Plaza for that.  Their customer service is really nice too and very fond of exclamation points!  As in all of the sentences ended with exclamation points instead of periods lol.

This is definitely another impulse buy.  I was reeling from my K-Con ticket purchase and I happened to see an unboxing video for this item.  The individual photo books sold me.  And yes, each BIGBANG member has his own photo book.  I was checking out the YG eBay site and saw that for a limited time, the DVD set came with clear files and one set came with a fan.  I wasn't buying from eBay so I thought I wasn't getting any of those.  I even asked Music Plaza and they said that they send the album only.  Exclamation point.  That's okay.  At least it'll get to me fast without the outrageous shipping fee if I bought directly from YG. 

After I got over the excellent packaging (solid corrugated box and wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap; the DVD set was not moving no matter how much you shake the box), I was pleasantly surprised that I did not only get all the clear files... I also got a fan!  Ugh, the pictures are so BEAUTIFUL.  Just look at those covers for Taeyang and Seungri.  Daesung's is adorable!  It kind of reminds me of those notebooks you cover with a magazine clipping so it won't look generic haha.

K-Pop CDs and DVDs are like Korean makeup.  So much effort is put into packaging.  I remember getting my BIGBANG Special Edition CD (Tonight) and for the life of me, I didn't know how to open it.  And the first Alive Tour DVD, the packaging was more for show than actually protecting the DVDs. The 2011 YG Family Concert Live CD... the CD was just an afterthought.  You pay for the pictures, that's what I think.  And I would.  I have.  I will again.

I watched the 1st CD already, the concert part and it was amazing.  So many memories coming back.  I can only imagine the World Tour DVD, which I will buy next at Music Plaza also.  I wish they release the 2011 YG Family Concert in Region 1.  I would buy the heck out of that.

So... some friends and I will be dropping by Music Plaza this weekend.  How much damage will I incur?  XD