K-Con '13 is less than 20 days away.

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티켓을 여기 있어!

 I feel that "Fangirling Is An Expensive Hobby" should be a hashtag or a series of some sort.  After all, most - if not ALL - my fangirl related purchases are done on impulse.  Not to mention my blatant disregard for my budget (what budget? lol).

I received my K-Con 2013 ticket yesterday.  Wow, I'm really going.  Hee!  Pray that I survive the pit again.  Going VIP for the Alive Tour was glorious but the K-Con pit will have more than just VIPs (BIGBANG fans, I mean).  We'll see.  I'm sure it'll be fun.

Speaking of other K-Pop acts, I'm currently immersing myself to the music of the other groups performing at K-Con.  I already like f(x) and I'm reaaaaally loving their new album, Pink Tape.  I know OF 2AM and EXO.  I'm pretty much okay with K-Pop ballads (more 4Men than 2AM, I admit).  After listening to EXO-K's XOXO, I can say that I do like them.  But I can't take Wolf seriously.  Nothing about it... I just can't.  Bangin' choreography though.  Awwwoooo... lol.  I've actually taken to calling CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Oolf

I know next to nothing about Teen Top although I enjoyed their version of Sunset Glow.  I liked Henry's song Trap.  I don't know much about 유승우 though.  And waaah, Dynamic Duo.  Together with DJ Koo, I'm pretty sure it'll be a party!

How would the set list look like?  They can put EXO first, to pump the crowd up, or last.  G-Dragon will probably come last, if not during the 2nd half.  Crayon and 미치GO definitely.  I hope he does at least one BIGBANG song.  I'm looking forward to f(x) so much.  I don't care if they lip synch, I like them a lot.  I wonder if there will be collabs.  I mean, EXO, Henry, and f(x) are all from SM Entertainment.  But how about GD?  Will he be a lone dragon?  He'll probably do something with the other hip-hop people.  Whatevs, it'll be a good show, I hope.

I'm all set with the glow sticks.  I definitely have more than one should have lol.  I'm debating whether to bring one of my BIGBANG glowsticks.  Eh... I might.  I also plan to dye my hair a bit more red (than it is now, which is a reddish burgundy).  As for outfits, depends on the weather.  Or I can just go ahead and purchase the KESH X American Apparel Cotton Spandex Dress.

Too much?  Yeah, I think so too.  But when I saw this at the outlets in Las Vegas over the weekend, I didn't even think Bom or 2NE1 or K-Con.  I just wanted that dress.  Still do.  It has this Eye of Horus / Clockwork Orange vibe.  I wish the line had a regular women's tank top instead of the crop top.

What else... eh, it's too early for prep work.  I might end up not doing any of them anyway lol.  I just want to be ready... musically, I guess.  I'm enjoying these so far and then some.  I will still put on Fantastic Baby from time to time but at least now, I have Peter Pan and Toy in the mix.