I'm going to K-Con 2013!

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This morning, I overheard a lady on the bus talking to her friend about her sister.  I didn't mean to eavesdrop but I tweeted what she said:

LOL.  It certainly felt like she was talking about me.  My spending habits are like that.  I don't shop (and actually buy something) all that often but when I do, they're usually big ticket items.  And "$1000 on a concert"?  Erm... ㅋㅋㅋ... and I went twice.  ;-)  So you see how that quote affected me so much?  XD

I went through my day, thinking of other things... one of which is K-Pop.  I remembered someone telling me that G-Dragon is coming to LA this November.  I wanted to follow up on that so that I can prepare.  A string of GD songs played in a row on my phone -- One of A Kind, Heartbreaker, 악몽, and an f(x) song, 좋아해도 되나요

My good friend Catherine replied to my earlier tweet and this is one of my replies to her:

And it's true.  I didn't even use them at The Package Tour.  *shrugs*  I mean, I even have a dedicated post about those glow sticks but I didn't use any of them.  I never really got around to posting about the November 3 concert so there were no updates about them haha.

Anyway, it was rather interesting at work today.  I didn't think much about anything else until a post on my FB wall reminded me that another artist will be introduced to the K-Con 2013 lineup today at 4PM.  I was still playing around with the idea of going to K-Con.  It's going to be in LA and the cheaper tickets weren't that bad.  But out of the current lineup, I was only interested in f(x).  I was waiting to see if there's any other reason to go.

Oh boy, was I in for a surprise.

G-DRAGON. 지드래곤.권지용.

I did NOT expect that.  I may have said before that I will go to anything K-Pop of there's a YG representative attending.  I skipped that Korean cultural thing at the Hollywood Bowl some months ago because frankly, I didn't know any of the performers.  Literally, I would've gone if Lee Hi was there.  The same with K-Con, although I still considered going for the possible freebies.  I never expected that out of all the YG talents, G-Dragon will make the trip.  He is more than enough reason to go.

The instant I found out that GD is going to be there, I went straight to Ticketmaster - using my work computer, no less - and snatched up the best ticket available.  Like with the ALIVE Tour, I didn't care how much it cost just as long as I get a decent ticket.  At first, I got Tier 4, the $130 ones.  They're not bad but something told me to hit refresh and go at it again.  And I did.  I ended up with VIP2.

It's those areas colored in Cyan.  Looks like my ticket is another one of those first come-first serve kind of thing, just like with VIP at the Alive Tour.  Sigh.  #flyingsolokpopfanproblems  Want to remedy that?  Who has the same tickets as me?  I need someone to squee with!  (Come to think of it, I might be better off with those seated VIP2 tickets.  Hmm... idek.  I survived the last time, I will survive this one!)

And to think I wanted to get the cheapest tickets back when they first released them.  Oh man.  My hands were cold and clammy those few minutes after my purchase.  I always get that after a big purchase.  Hehehe, my friend says it's buyer's adrenaline.  But I attribute it to being able to see GD live again.  Y'all know how much I fangirl'd over GD.  Looks like I'm gonna have to bust out one of my light sticks.

I have one month to familiarize myself with the other artists in the lineup.  I mean, I'm pretty familiar with them anyway.  But I guess this is a good reason to further check out what they got. 

I cannot believe the chain of events that led to my impulse buying.  I started off the day thinking of GD, and then the playlist, and that quote.  OMG.  Does ESP run in the family?  Because my mom always has good vibes... maybe I do too?

Looks like I may still use those glow sticks after all.  ;-)