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It was almost midnight last night when I decided to randomly watch LOTR: The Two Towers CD2 with actor commentary.  I got bored and I wasn't sleepy yet.  Arda knows how many times I've seen this movie with or without commentary from the cast and crew.  I've watched every second of the 4-disc DVD sets.  I even have 2 sets of LOTR: TTT.  No joke.  ;-)

Anyway, right when Brego was reviving Aragorn, I got inspired to write some stuff in Elvish.  Quenya, to be exact because that's what I'm better versed at.  (No, I don't speak Elvish apart from the lines from the movie lol. I do write quite in it.  It's quite easy once you know how.)  Legolas' name is so pretty in Quenya.  I wish we saw them writing.  Bilbo, yes, but that's Westron.  I can see the appeal of Elvish script in the tattoo world.  It's tribal-looking without looking tacky.  Slightly pretentious but a true Tolkien fan will wear it with pride!

While writing this, I had images of baby!Legolas being taught by Thranduil how to write.  I mean, he must've had teachers for that but I'm a sucker for father-baby!son interactions.  It makes me all the more excited for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug!