Everything is Marvel and nothing hurts!

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Except maybe Agents of SHIELD.  Eh, not a fan.

These past few weeks have been insane!  This Marvel fan is uber happy, especially with the Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer coming out.  I admit, it was a little bit underwhelming but my love for Cap and his Shield cannot be denied!

And dude... BUCKY!  You're a baddie here but..... Sebastian Staaaaaaaan!

I still think ScarJo as Black Widow is a miscast but whatever.  I don't mind sitting there while she eats her words.  I know my Captain Rogers is just a few seconds away.  I'll eventually get the posters like I did with the first movie (I even have two of the same one).  But srsly... I want this right now.  NOW!

And then we have X-Men: Days of Future Past.

OMG. To be at the red carpet premiere for this.  I'm salivating already!  Herr Fassbender is FOINE.  How I wish they'd forget about distribution and production company BS and just do the Civil War arc.  Can you imagine how EPIC that could be?

2014 looks like an awesome year for Marvel. 

But for next week... Thor: The Dark World red carpet premiere!  Wooot!