Happy THORsday!

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I don't get why this movie is not yet released in the US.  My lovely friends from the Philippines have already seen it before we even got a red carpet premiere.  What gives, Marvel?  The Internet exists all over the world - in varying speeds - therefore, spoilers are bound to pop up.  A fan can only control herself long enough!  Especially when it comes to cameos.  It's the post-The Avengers universe we're talking about here. (Actually, I don't mind spoilers lmao.  It makes me look forward to stuff more.)

Until Thor 2 is released in US cinemas, I think going to the premiere is enough to tide me over?  y/y?

I'm no stranger to red carpet premieres.  In fact, I seek them out and take out time from my work week to come to these events.  Why?  Because like some sad tourist, I love seeing these actors in real life.  Certain actors more than others but if I end up seeing a random celebrity that I didn't know I liked, that's an awesome extra.

I have to say, this isn't one of the better ones.  It sucks because I'm with my mom (she's a Thor fan for real) and I wanted her to have a good time.  In the end, she did - as did I - but my mistake was looking forward to the same experience as I had during The Avengers premiere.  Yes, that premiere ruined everything for me.  It got dark early and fast.  Hardcore fans plus the usual autograph hounds aren't the most cooperative types.  Put them together and you'll definitely have drama.  It's funny... everyone is starting to look familiar, from the autograph hounds to the red carpet regulars such as myself.  It doesn't matter what film or show it's for... faces do start to look familiar.

I met up with my red carpet ladies (and met a few more) at around 10AM.  Can you imagine that it's been 2-3 years since we first met at the True Blood premiere?  That's half the fun... meeting like-minded people while waiting in line.  We would go on and wait for 6-7 hours before the celebs started to arrive.  By then, it was already full dark.  Either they did not account for the shifting of times or they did arrivals late on purpose.  Either way, we didn't see much, considering this is a "major" premiere.

It wasn't too exciting compared to the others I've attended.  Although, I got super excited when I saw Nathan Fillion.  That was unexpected.  I thought I'd see him at The Avengers premiere because of Joss Whedon.  I don't watch Castle much anymore but I still like Nathan (and the rest of the cast; it's the writing that I have big problems with) and even if my mom and I had seen him before, I still got excited.

The director, Alan Taylor, was the first one to do the fan line.  Then Zachary Levi who took over the role of Fandral.  Clark Gregg and Tom Hiddleston did too but they didn't begin at one end of the fanline.  Therefore, I didn't see Tom at all.  Sure, I saw the top of his head at press line but not up close.  (I wanted my mom to see him so I got a bit miffed when he didn't come to us.)  Jaimie Alexander almost got to us but she didn't.  Upon seeing her dress, I kinda give her a pass lol.  Tom though... :(

I felt bad for this one girl in line.  She was flat out CRYING when Tom went away.  He wasn't coming back, we all knew it.  It sucks for the Loki fans who were there dead early to get good spots to see him.  Some went there just to see him, I'm pretty sure.  I'm sure he had his reasons.

To make up for that and Stellan Skarsgard's no-show... JEREMY RENNER.  The love that I have for this man... oooh, no words.  I lost my shit then, I lost my shit there also.  Now, both my brother and mother had seen how I freak out over this guy.  I have no shame.  Hell, even my mother sort of freaked out when he passed by our area!  XD  Yes, we both love him.

I love that he showed up.  As far as I know, he's not in the movie but he's definitely friends with Chris Hemsworth and Tom.  Actually, after he did the fan and press lines, he left.  Heh.  But I saw him again and that's enough for me!  <3

I realize that I got more excited over those who are not in the movie vs the cast members themselves.  Well, it was awesome seeing Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.  I still don't know how to properly say his name so I call him either Mr. Eko or Adebisi, depending on who I'm talking to haha, Oz fan or Lost fan.  Sir Anthony Hopkins was there too.  It would've been awesome to shake his hand.

And how's this for brotherly love?  Gale!  Uh, I mean, Liam Hemsworth!  You decide who's the hotter Hemsworth, okay?  Can you imagine if Liam was still dating Miley Cyrus and he brought her there?  Hahahahaa... ohgod. 

The Agents of SHIELD cast was there too.  Eh.  Okay.  Not too excited about that.  I watched the Pilot and tried to watch the following episodes but... no amount of easter eggs could warm me up to it.  It's boring and disappointing.  I'm sorry if you like the show.  I gave it a chance, I really did.  (But that's for another post.)  I saw the actors who play Skye, Fitz, and Simmons.  Sadly, I didn't see Ming Na Wen.  She's awesome.  I'm not sure if I like her character in the show, still Mary-Sue and cliche-ish, but she's more bearable than the others.

My mom freaked out when she saw Chris Hemsworth up close.  Haha!  OMG, she's a fan of Thor.  If I managed to get that reaction from her, mission: accomplished!

I won't be doing the midnight screening tonight.  I'm too ADD to watch 2-3 movies in one go.  I can wait.  A fan girl's job is 70% waiting after all. 

And a picture of Chloe Bennet.  I liked her more when she was the model in BIGBANG's Tonight.