I get to my Marvel phases.

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Nothing else exists for now.

I recently watched Thor: The Dark World over the weekend.  TWICE.  I ended up watching it on the Friday release date after all.  And then Sunday with my mom, the Thor fan.

The last movie that I watched twice in a span of a week was The Avengers.  I gotta say, Thor 2 almost rivals how much I enjoyed that one.  I wasn't 100% sold on the first Thor movie.  To me, it was one long live action cartoon where I wasn't supposed to take anything seriously.  Chris Hemsworth spent half the movie in street clothes; Natalie Portman had no comedic timing; it was unclear whether SHIELD is serious or a comic relief; and there's a little issue named Kat Dennings.  But at least there was Hawkeye and PappaSkars.

This time around, OMG -- I loved it all.  Even Darcy.  She was relevant!  And not unfunny.  Sure, Portman still has no comedic timing but I didn't mind that as much as the first film.  PappaSkars did what I expected of any Skarsgard and loved it.  I imagine a flashback scene of Erik Selvig played by any of Stellan's actual sons.  XD  I even loved Thor.  Loki is a given but the more I see Thor (and Hemsworth), the more I like him.  Like, I'm actually a fan now!  He's not your typical strong muscled guy with blonde hair who can't do shit - for the actor, can't act - and just stand there delivering lines.  No.  He's a legit hero.  And I gotta give it to Chris Hemsworth.  He's so likeable and now, I can't imagine anyone as Thor.  I admit that Loki (and Tom Hiddleston) did overshadow Thor (and Chris) a bit but that came with the audience's expectation going in.  Plus, he is the sassier Asgardian.  Tom Hiddleston played Loki like it was his second nature.  It's his voice, methinks.

I wish there were more Lady Sif and The Warriors Three.  Especially Hogun.  He had one line.  One line.  Sif is so bad ass, she deserves a mini-spinoff.  A+ on Zachary Levi being Fandral.  I wish he had solo scenes.  The Warriors Three are pretty amazing themselves.

It won't be a Marvel movie without cameos.  Stan Lee is still a sore thumb, unfortunately.  Even if you don't know who he is, you'll be able to spot him.  But Thor 2 boasts THE BEST-est cameo so far.  And the story behind it is pretty priceless too.  Of course, I may be biased but both audiences cheered the loudest during that moment.  So loud, in fact, that I didn't hear what was said during my first time watching it. My heart was pounding with excitement over those ten seconds.

I don't have the first Thor movie on DVD.  Surprise!  But I cannot wait to own this on video so I can watch this again and again... just like what I'm doing now with The Avengers.