IMATS 2014 HAUL and REVIEW: NYX Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippies and Butter Lipsticks

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How overwhelming was IMATS?  Especially for a first timer like me!  I did not know where to start let alone where to go next.  Honestly, I thought it was smaller than I expected but there was so much stuff at such great prices, I had to stop myself from spending a ton!

One of the places I frequented was the NYX booth.  They had a large selection featuring their whole line and reasonable prices.  I know you can get NYX at Ulta and Target and is essentially a drugstore brand, but $2 off is still $2 in my pocket.  I spent some time swatching and I walked away with six lip products for $25.  And I think one of the products I picked up is not even officially released yet.

"Introducing" the NYX Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippies.  I swear, it's not even on the website as I compose this post.  The butter lipsticks are there as well as the new palettes but not this one.  Not a single review either.  (Dear NYX, if I'm not supposed to do this yet, please let me know.  Thanks!)

This is NYX's answer to the ever growing fad of jumbo lip colors.  I absolutely love this format and the consistency of these things are good across the board.  Some come as balm stains, gloss balms, matte colors... these ones from NYX are simply hydrating lipsticks.  They don't promise to stain your lips, not even the darker colors.  They are more pigmented than a balm or gloss.

It's a total coincidence that the colors I picked up are numbered 1, 3, and 5.  I wanted to swatch more but I didn't want to hold up the line/crowd.  The large bags they provide on site got in everyone's way.

These are named based on alcoholic drinks.  Sex on the Beach is a coral-y red.  As you may already know, I gravitate towards a red when checking out a new product.  The formula is very light and buildable.  The swatch on my skin is two swipes while that on my lips took much more to show true to color.  Rum Punch is more pigmented and is a plum, close to the natural color of my lips.  Personally, I'm not a fan of the color so I think this will go to my mom later.  Nothing wrong with the product, this is my personal bias talking.  Watermelon Cooler is a bright pink.  I notice that all my recent lip color purchases have a color similar to this.  Is it telling me something?  ;-)  I like the formula of this particular one the best.

Staying power on these aren't the best.  After all, they're not a stain like Jordana Twist and Shine Balm Stains.  Think more like CoverGirl LipPerfection Gloss Balms.  They go on smoothly and even if you build it up, it doesn't feel heavy on the lips.  They're not my favorite jumbo lip product but they are pretty good.

EDIT (20140126):  The one in Watermelon Cooler already broke on me.  Sadness.

The other lip product I picked up is the Butter Lipstick.  I saw them at my local Ulta already but I waited to get IMATS deals.

I wish I had more time swatching and deliberating... I would've gotten more colors.  The formula on these is phenomenal.  So very pigmented, the orange kind of scared me!  Haha!  And if the hydrating lippies claim to be moisturizing, they have nothing on these.  Butter indeed.

Again, I limited myself to three colors.  These, apparently, are my staples.  An orange, a pink, and a red.  I need to get on that nude/neutral train stat!  But first of all, I do not like the packaging.  This reminds me of the ELF dollar lipsticks and the Essence Lipsticks.  The caps on these are separated from the body with the turning mechanism used to dispense the product.  Unlike other lipstick packaging, these can be turned even with the cap on.  That happened to one of my ELF dollar lipsticks and completely ruined the product and stained my bag.  I'm not saying that they are entirely unusable.  Just be more careful when traveling with them.

The pigmentation is TO. DIE. FOR.  Two swipes and it's opaque.  It kind of gives Lime Crime something to think about.  And you don't need to put a gloss on top of them.  They are moisturizing without feeling greasy or sticky.  The staying power is pretty standard and the darker color leaves a slight tinge after eating and drinking.

Hot Tamale is a bright orange.  This definitely satisfies my orange lip obsession.  It's so creamy and I cannot wait to wear this out.  Little Susie is a wearable bright pink with a slight purple undertone.  And Mary Janes is your staple red with a blue undertone.  It makes your teeth look whiter and is perfect for the colder (hello, Los Angeles, get with the program) seasons.

Between these two, I prefer the Butter Lipsticks.  They're relatively the same price and you get more color out of the latter than the former.  I like both of these more than the round lipsticks.  I think those are greasy and cheap-feeling.  These butter lipsticks are better quality and pigmentation and the Chunky Dunks are so convenient and fool-proof.

If you've tried the other shades, which ones do I need to get next?  :)