Leonardo diCaprio

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I'm not going to beat around the bush.  Just give the guy an Academy Award. 

Lord knows he deserves one.  Or more!

I met him in 2010 at the Inception red carpet premiere at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre.  It was my first movie premiere and I didn't know what to expect.  I didn't know half of the cast (I honestly did not know who Joseph Gordon-Levitt) was at the time.  Apart from Leo, the only cast members I recognized were Ken Watanabe and Ellen Page.  Actually, up to this day, there are still people in my pictures of that event that are unknown to me.

I was in 3rd-4th grade when Titanic came out.  Try to be named CATE during that time.  Every girl in my class had a drop dead crush on him.  I was one of them - but hated the fact that they teased me for sharing the same nickname as Kate Winslet.  Looking back now, I'm so embarrassed at the childhood fantasy BS that we made up about him.  So much so that I want the ground to swallow me up!

[Please note that webcams were new around that time.  I had a rich kid classmate who had one before anyone else.  And she also wore this toy plastic ring with a huge light up "gem" in the center.  It's blue... a la The Heart of the Ocean.  My classmate claimed that HE gave it to her.  Yeah.  Right.]

Never in my wildest imagination - my 9-year-old self - would I even consider that I will see Leonardo diCaprio in person.  It took 13 years, longer than my wait for LOTR come to think of it.  My hands never shook harder as I saw him making his way down the fan line when the other didn't.  I was at a total loss for words.  I watched him come closer; I was right up against the railing... with only that railing and air separating us.  My heart felt like it was going to pump out of my chest.

So what brought this random fangirling post on?  Well, when the Academy Awards nominations were released by the very dapper Chris Hemsworth, Leo's name is on it again, as expected.  In the previous years, he was against powerhouse runaway winners.  Not to say that he's a pushover, hell no.  But even I have to raise my glass for Daniel Day Lewis.  This year... let it be Leo's year.  Please.  If the Jennifer Hudsons and the Jennifer Lawrences get awards from pretty much being obscure newbies and indie sweethearts, why can't Leo?  He's come a long way from that Marvin's Room cutie to Jack Dawson into making insane mindfuck movies such as Shutter Island.  How many more Scorsese masterpieces does he have to do?

If he doesn't win, then I call BS.  And he's free to do whatever psychological movie needed to finally score that coveted award.