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This is what a post-IMATS funk looks like.

Release an unsuspecting girl into a Mecca of makeup.  Introduce her to different cosmetic brands that are not widely available.  Arm her with discount coupons just for attending IMATS.  Leave her to her own devices once she's dropped off at the respective companies' websites.

Over the weeks after IMATS, I ended up ordering so much stuff from three companies:  BH Cosmetics, Coastal Scents, and 2nd Love Cosmetics.  Coastal Scents wasn't at IMATS but shopping at BH Cosmetics gave me the idea to head on over there too.  I found a postcard from 2nd Love Cosmetics when I was clearing out my IMATS bags.  I was curious enough to check them out and I liked what I saw.

The control I had at IMATS disappeared when I got home and began shopping online.  And I'm a sucker for free shipping so I had to purchase $50 worth of goodies to get that.  2nd Love only required $25 so that wasn't too hard.  Anyway, I made the orders within a day of each other and they arrived over the weekend.  It was a late Christmas for me!

Both the BH Cosmetics and 2nd Love Cosmetics shipments came from Los Angeles so they arrived at the same time.  Coastal Scents arrived the day after.

2nd love cosmetics

2nd Love Cosmetics: Five colors of the 2nd Love Signature Lipsticks and Beauty Treats lip scrub.

BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics: It'sJudyTime palette (my mom loves her), BH San Francisco palette (I have the Malibu palette from IMATS), Daisy and Tulip blush duo, 5 Creme Luxe lipsticks, 1 lip liner (for my mom).

Coastal Scents

Coastal Scents: The Sweetheart Collection - Revealed Palette, Citiscape Travel Brush set, 10 Blush palette (when I got the BH Cosmetics blush palette, I sort of got obsessed with blush palettes; I had to get this) + samples, liquid liner, pink kabuki brush.  All these for $25.  I paid shipping for this because Coastal Scents don't have lipsticks.  I could've gotten some Forever blushes but with two 10-pan blush palettes already...?  Some other time.

Expect posts about the lipsticks for sure.  I've been swatching and trying them and so far, I'm really liking it.  I'm so excited to use the blush palettes.  Those BH blush duos are winning me over already so I do recommend them.  The best deal of the bunch is that Sweetheart Collection from Coastal Scents.  I checked on the site now and the brush set alone is now worth $20.  The Revealed palette and the blush palette together just sealed the deal for me.

I really should do a makeup purge soon.  Soon.