And the Best Picture goes to...

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The selfies to end all selfies.  It sure crashed Twitter, I'll give you that.

Let's play HOW MANY OSCARS IN ONE PHOTO?  I count... 10.  TEN, people.

Buuuut, I'm thinking this picture is better, personally:

Someone is conveniently hidden by Miss Lawrence's face and Mister Hoult is included in the frame.  And I'm loooving Miss Roberts' face here.  Lupita's brother is winning it all.

OMG, can you imagine if Mr. Cooper fcked this up on live TV?  They'd have to do it again!  XD

I watched Non-Stop yesterday as the Oscars was airing.  Academy Award Winner Lupita Nyong'o was there as well was Lady Mary lol.  It was a fun movie.  Sucks for me though; I'll be taking an international flight in a few weeks.  OTL.

When I got home, I was browsing my Twitter feed and I kept seeing my nickname, spelled correctly.  So I was thinking, "Hmm... what gives?"  Then I remembered CATE BLANCHETT.  Ah joy!

I'm happy for all the people who won.  (I sorta didn't want JLaw to win.  Idk, shrugs.)  I was particularly excited for Lupita.  There was no doubt in my mind that Frozen would win Best Song and Best Animated, although we had to sit through Queen Adele Dazeem's inability to keep in time with the backing music.  Srsly, Travolta, WTF?  I still have to figure out what the "10 years in the future" means but it's cool, it's cool.  The Lady Galadriel... guh, haven't you noticed that none of the LOTR actors actually age?  Something in the Middle-Earth water perhaps?

But just when I thought I was all cried out over that epic selfie, I see this:

My heart aches for Orli.  ;_____;

Leo, not so much anymore.  How many Academy members do Leo and Amy Adams have to bribe in order for them to finally win that statuette?

PS: I find it funny that Hustle didn't win anything.  It was such a confusing piecemeal of a movie.  I just didn't see anything that merited the praise.  Amy Adams was awful when her character switched accents.  Jennifer Lawrence was simply not right for the role, the character being super out of place.  Renner was my favorite thing in that movie and he acted like an idiot.  XD

PPS: Robert Lopez got an EGOT.  Ayan ha, walang angkinan. 

PPPS: I am Catriona Thozomas.  I feel that there should be a Battlefield Earth joke in here somewhere.