I feel so NAKED.

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I forgot to do my brows and put on mascara today.  I feel so NAKED.  O____________O

My morning routine consists of your usual boring stuff: bathroom business, brush, mouthwash, splash cold water on face, etc.  Then as I'm getting dressed, I put on a random episode of The Rugrats.  By the time the episode ends, I should be out the door.  That's usually 30-45 minutes from the time I get out of bed.  (That's including the 10 minutes that I lounge around while checking Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the weather.)

This morning, I dressed and did my face.  Then I realized that I had about 5 minutes to spare.  That was strange.  So I pulled my hair up to a high ponytail.  It's 2nd day hair and no amount of dry shampoo will make my hair look fresh.  I have the type of hair that has to be washed everyday but I can't since dyeing it red.  As I was walking to the train station, I happened to rub my eyes and then it hit me... I forgot MASCARA!

This is so #firstworldproblems of me.  I always have mascara on when I leave the house, even if it is just for getting groceries or going to the movies.  Looks like I was so out of it this morning that I totally overlooked those two steps that I do five-six days a week.  I had to compensate by doing something I seldom do, put on eyeliner.  Funny, because I have two pencil liners in my makeup bag.  The taupe one doesn't show up on my skin at all so it was perfect as a brow pencil.  I have a brown waterproof one for tight lining.  So it all worked out after all.  I might start bringing a cheap but good mascara along.