Welcome to Hollywood!

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This is a continuation of my Captain America premiere post. This was meant to go up the next day but nothing ever works as planned....

After the event, I had dinner at one of the restaurants at Highland, one of those food court places.  There was a group of high school students and parents hanging out there also.  They were from Hawaii based on their uniforms and the flower in the hair of one girl.

There was this big guy holding court.  I wasn't paying attention until he said, rather loudly too, "Oh I win at life. Chris Evans waved at me."  Whut?  That got my attention.  His friends were ooh-ing and aah-ing.  The gist of his story was they caught the tail end of the premiere at the balcony of the Dolby Theater (see the last pic I posted in the previous post).  For some reason or another, Chris and another person looked up to that spot and saw them. They waved and Chris waved back.  The dude freaked out.

It was amusing yet rather obnoxious at the same time.  I mean, the restaurant was empty and his voice carried all over the dining room.  When some of his classmates came in, he told them about the premiere downstairs and they nearly ran over a table and a couple of chairs on their rush to the ledge to look.  Loud Dude apparently took pics and when his ate, big sister in Tagalog, came in to look, he showed her and said, "Ate, that is Chris Evans in person."

The ate, note: she's OLDER, what did she do?  She squealed like a stuck pig, "WAAAAAH, it's unfair, I wanna see him in person too.  Mooooom!"  She stomped her feet, pulled at her hair, and walked out.  What in the... hell?

Loud Dude kept keeping on.  "Oh man, wait until I tell the people back in school. I'll definitely be the big shot now.  I mean, they waved at me!  I'm the coolest... I win so much at life."  The guy at the counter was laughing while he prepared someone's Mongolian beef bowl.  I was trying not to roll my eyes.  Loud Dude was walking around as if he owned the place.  He then said, "I cannot wait to watch this movie. Now that I've seen them in person, it'll be so much different."

That last part, I can totally relate.  It took me a whole month before I could watch Generation Kill again after meeting Jon Huertas the first time.  That part, I didn't mind so much.  I felt the same way back in the day.  I still feel it from time to time.

I was keeping a low profile but my ringtone, the Mockingjay whistle, gave me away.  Loud Dude heard it and again, broadcasted that someone in that room is a Hunger Games nerd.  I waved my phone at him.  Maybe his mom noticed that he was beginning to get to my nerves because she told him to sit down and shut his mouth.  He replied, "Mom, I'm just... I win, okay?  Just wait until we watch this movie and I'll win all over again."  He must've felt that I was side-eying him because he gave me a shy smile.

I said, "Oh no, I know the feeling. I totally get you."  Wrong move.  Loud Dude got excited again.  Ugh.

"INORITE?!  I mean, Chris Evans... waved at me!  You know how awesome that is?"

Either I stay silent and let him be or say something and ruin his day.  HAHAHA... I was feeling evil, and elated after the day I just had so I told him, "I do. In fact, I have a picture with him. Chris Evans."  He asked if he could see it so I showed him.

His face fell.  And he then said, "Please, do not show my sister.  She'll hate you."  I was on my way out so that was that.  I had zero intention to steal his thunder but he was borderline annoying.  Man, if you guys were there.

But I sincerely hope he told his friends back home and impressed them.  He was so happy.

Welcome to Hollywood!