I'm a PS Vita parent!

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I don't remember the last time I played on a Playstation console.  I know it was the PSP but that didn't really appeal that much to me.  My brother then did stuff to it then it broke.  I don't even know where it is right now.  By the time the PS3 and PS4 came out, I wasn't that interested in video gaming anymore.

I like the PS1/PS2 era games.  My brother is the gamer between the two of us but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy watching him play.  I know backstories and gaming strategies of various Final Fantasy characters as well as a wikia post.  I can beat ten levels of Tekken 3 using Xiao Yu or Hwoarang... on easy. ;-)  I can level up the FF8 characters to a hundred on my own, GF boosts and all.  I can solve any Resident Evil or Silent Hill puzzles without the aid of a walkthrough.  So you see, I might not be the hardcore female gamer in your head but I'm definitely the best gaming companion.

I never really like other gaming platforms.  I have no interest in the XBox or handhelds like Nintendo DS. I do play The Sims on my laptop; at least I didn't have to by a Windows-operated device so I could make my own dream house. But my attention is piqued when I hear anything PlayStation.

When my brother mentioned the PS Vita, I admit, I wasn't that interested.  To me, it was just a pumped up PSP.  And it was sold out everywhere.  But when he told me that Final Fantasy X/X-2 and VIII are going to be available on that platform, I was SOLD.

Vita looks a bit rough in that picture but it is a beautiful thing.  Such a beautiful thing.

When we saw that the PS Vita was on sale on BestBuy.com for $199.99 that comes with a Borderlands 2 pack, I bought it on the spot.  I was at a friend's place at almost 2AM, trying to make the purchase on my phone.  It's a good thing that I did that because it was taken off the site again - sold out - that afternoon.

The afternoon that we got it, we explored the games available for download.  This time, we have no plans on hacking into the thing so we can play pirated games.  I am notorious for refusing to pay full price for many things but for the beloved PS games of my childhood... here, take my gil.  I know I have some zenny left over somewhere.

I legit screamed and held my heart when I saw the likes of Final Fantasy VIII, Breath of Fire 4, Parappa the Rapper, Final Fantasy IX, etc. on the game list.  Of course, I have to BUY them first but the fact that I don't need to purchase a separate TV to play them is just amazing.  (That's one other reason why other gaming consoles flew over my head... I don't have a TV.)  Today's games look so cool and compared to the pixelated little men but I still prefer non-talking emo Squall over the life-like Leon S. Kennedy.

Speaking of Squall Leonheart...

Thank you, Square Enix sale on the PS Network Store!  My brother and I walked away with FFVIII, FF Tactics: The War of Lions, Dissidia 012 [duodecim], and Front Mission 3.  I think we're all set for the rest of the year.