KCON 2014

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KCON 2014 is next weekend and I'm still debating whether to go or not.  I still don't have my ticket even after the announcement that G-Dragon will once again be attending/performing.  Last year, I bought my ticket as soon as they made the announcement. So this year, what gives?

It's not that I've lost interest in K-pop.  I mean, it's still there.  I still enjoy all the YG and some non-YG stuff.  My ears still catch even the slightest tune of K-pop in stores and whatnot.  But something has been keeping me away from this year's biggest K-pop convention.

After my experience last year, I was 100% going to the next one.  I enjoyed the convention floor and the concert so much.  I was pretty much dead the next day but I had fun.  This year's panels look great too.  Since GD will be on for just one concert night, Saturday, I won't be dying on Sunday night and dead the next day.  I'll show up for Sunday's panels and get to go home early and rest.

But... that weekend, August 8, 9, and 10, will be SO PACKED.  On August 8, I have an event with Josh Hutcherson.  Then, KCON for the next two days, one includes a concert.  Then payroll the next day.  I'd be lucky to be alive by Sunday.

And another thing that's getting in the way.  My KCON monies are going somewhere else.  As soon as I get the $200 I need, some other stuff comes up.  Namely, IMATS 2015 and a Playstation Vita.

The year's not even over and yet I already have an event scheduled for next year!  I don't remember tickets being sold this early last year.  And they jacked up the price.  It was $48 plus service charge last year.  Now, it's $62 including the extra fees.  Am I to expect better deals for this year?  I sure hope so. I bought one for my mom as well.

As you know, PS Vitas are hard to come by.  They've been sold out everywhere for the longest time.  My brother and I have our eyes on one because we want to play Final Fantasy X and X-2 again.  And other older PS games.  Best Buy recently offered PSV online only as a package for $199.  I was at a friend's house at 2 in the morning, trying to buy one using my phone, playing that my battery would hold up.  I did it and now I'm just waiting for it to arrive.

So that's where my money is going.  As much as I would love to go to KCON this year, so many forces are against me.  I have two more weeks to decide.  I really want to go, at least for the panels.  We'll see...