The odds are in AXS's favor.

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About a month ago, I made a huge purchase from AXS.  My Mythbusters tickets.  That was pretty major, dropping $300 in one go.  But like I said, it was for two tickets - $150 each.

Today, AXS has robbed me blind again.  More like, I threw my monies at them.  That's okay... tomorrow is payday lmao.  And for what?  Well...

I shied away from the first two The Hunger Games premieres because I saw people legit camp out days before the premiere.  And LA Live is not my venue of choice.  But I did want to see Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson in person.  I already saw Liam Hemsworth thanks to the Thor: The Dark World premiere.  I swore to attend this year's Mockingjay Part 1 red carpet.  Now... may not have to.

When I got home from work, I saw an interview posted on the Josh Hutcherson Facebook page.  It was on Ryan Seacrest's radio show and Josh was talking about his annual charity basketball game.  Now, I may have a free thrower's hand but I know nothing about basketball.  But I've heard of these charity games, saw pics of the one he did last year, and I'm interested in going to the next one.

And guess what?  I AM.

It'll be on August 8, 2014, Friday, 6:30PM at LA Live.  Needless to say, I will be skipping work for this event.  And why the hell not?  I scored a COURTSIDE VIP ticket!  It's not the Ultimate VIP package, it was sold out by the time I knew about ticket sales, but it did make my bank account cry a little bit.  Are you one of those people who get the shakes when you make a large purchase?  I definitely am.  My hands started to shake once I saw how much the courtside VIP ticket was, $250.  Man, and I was planning to buy a Keurig system.  Guess that's not gonna happen yet.

The courtside VIP package includes:

o Courtside seats (the event starts at 6:30PM but I'll be there dead early, as with all events)
o Meet & Greet (!!!)
o One autographed JH item (this is the thing that made me get this deal instead of the bleacher seats)
o Chance to win signed JH jersey from game
o Nike 3ON3 Team Registration (I have no idea what this is lol.  My knowledge of Nike exists in the world of tennis.)

I went into full blown fangirl mode when I secured my ticket.  Hands shaking, jumping up and down, squeeing.  OMG, JHutch is my brother's age... basically the first younger guy I went crazy for... oh man.  Peeta (the character), I blame you!  XD

I guess that leaves JLaw.  But she's not going anywhere.  There's a lot more biographical, book-to-film stuff where she can be miscast.  (Trust me, I love her.)