If At First You Don't Succeed... Myth Busted!

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About two years ago, I went to the Mythbusters: Behind the Myths tour.  My blog post about that started out like this:
Over the past week, I was able to cross out two items off my bucket list. One was "Meet the Mythbusters". Well, I did not meet them per se but seeing them in person will do. I am sure there are other opportunities to actually meet and converse and take photos with them. For now, this fed my geekery.
Last Friday, an email came into my box promoting yet another Nokia Theatre at LA Live stop of the Behind the Myths tour.  The sale started 10AM that morning.  I checked it out with the full intent of going again.  This time, with my brother in tow.  He just missed the last one when he had to fly back to the Philippines for college.  Literally, just a week after he left was the LA tour stop.  This time, it'll be on December 17 and he's definitely going to be here with me by then.

But I didn't even get to check the ticket prices.  One tab called to me.  It said, "MYTHBUSTERS - VIP POST-SHOW MEET & GREET PACKAGE."  Ooooh... and the package includes:

  • One reserved ticket located in the first 5 rows. (I've experienced watching a film at Nokia Theatre seating that close to the stage.)
  • Exclusive post-show meet & greet with Jamie and Adam (!!!!!!!!)
  • Official meet & greet laminate (I kinda want a Discovery Channel lanyard lol)
  • Signed 8x10 photo (I have one already from the previous show)
  • 10 minute Q&A session with Jamie and Adam. (wait... whaaaaat?!!!! WANTTT!)
  • Photo opportunity with Jamie and Adam (YEEEESSSSSSSS!)
The whole thing is $150.  And boy, I've spent much much more for VIP tickets with less perks.  But I had to buy two, one for me and another for my brother.  I want him to experience and enjoy this as much as I will.  In the past, I've spent $300 on a VIP ticket just for myself.  $300 for two is like... a bargain!  ;-)  But as any thinking person would do, I asked my mom to dissuade me from blindly throwing monies at AXS.  And you know what, she told me to GO FOR IT!  And I did.

According to the Nokia Theatre website, the view should approximately look like this.  Just click on the red part, labeled PIT.  Our seats should be located on the center block.  My previous seat was in the PP-SS Orchestra area.  They were great but I have a feeling that these ones are way better than that.

And dude, MEET AND GREET!  Q&A SESSION!  PHOTO OP!  Everything that I said in that first paragraph are coming to fruition.  This time, I can truly cross that thing off my bucket list.